Photo Contest: Your No. 1 food

In this contest, your goal is to take a photo of the food you like the most. Your absolute favorite food only. What is your guilty pleasure?... 20 entries | 76 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Missing Colors

In our previous photography contest (The way we were), we asked photographers to upload older photos, which were often not in full color.... 13 entries | 38 comments »

Photo Contest: The Way We Were

Let's put our fancy modern cameras aside for a moment and dig back into our existing collection of photos! In this contest, we want to see... 32 entries | 175 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Glorious Globes

In this photoshop contest, we are going to do the classic 'snow globe', but also allow other weather types. Your goal is to build a creative... 17 entries | 101 comments »

🏆 Photoshop Contest: A forest of parsley

In this contest, we are working with a source photo. Your goal is to manipulate the photo in any way you want and turn it into a work of... 21 entries | 108 comments »

🏆 Photo Contest: song in a picture

A picture contains a thousand words! That's plenty of words to visualize a song! You guessed it, we are going to take pictures that... 39 entries | 139 comments »

Photoshop Community Mascot

PhotoshopPosted by Staaan
Photoshop Community Mascot

As many may have noticed, we have our owner photoshop corner here on Grepless. A place where we can talk Photoshop and Photoshop only!... 13 entries | 118 comments »

Photo Contest: Herbs and spices

Setup a creative scenery with your kitchen spices and take a photograph of it. When enlarged, this photo should be able to serve as a nice... 16 entries | 49 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Cartoon people

In this contest, we are going to turn real people into cartoons! Take any photo of a person, and turn him into a cartoon character. The... 27 entries | 177 comments »

Photo Contest: Breaking the rules

In today's contest, we are going to think outside the box. Photography, or any art form, remains a subjective discipline. As Pablo Picasso... 25 entries | 90 comments »

Photo Contest: Member Portraits

We've had some portrait contests on Pxleyes, but many years have passed since. Now we can continue this series. This is your chance to show... 28 entries | 255 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Engines

PhotoshopPosted by Staaan
Photoshop Contest: Engines

Just like in the previous photoshop contest, you are given a source photo to work with. Your goal is to manipulate the photo in any way you... 15 entries | 115 comments »

Photo Contest: People at work

If you're on holiday, you are going to love this contest: photographing people who are doing manual labour. In other words, people doing... 30 entries | 185 comments »

Photoshop Contest: B is for Birdhouse

Today, we are going to do something different. Rather than giving you a theme to work with, you are given a source photo. This source photo... 19 entries | 136 comments »

Photo Contest: Mid-winter

PhotographyPosted by Staaan
Photo Contest: Mid-winter

In the last few days it has been freezing consistently here in Belgium and the neighbouring countries. This means the snow from last week... 44 entries | 84 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Melt Me Please

Today we are going to melt stuff, as suggested by Skyangel. Fans of the show 'Friends' may remember Frank, Phoebe's younger brother. He too... 15 entries | 91 comments »

Photo Contest: Animal Parenting

In today's contest, we're going to capture mother nature at its finest: photos of animals parenting their offspring. (humans excluded)... 20 entries | 18 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Food Creatures

Broccolisheep, bread bulldog, sliced-bread fox, ... just some of the suggestions that were posted in the contest suggestions post. (Which is... 24 entries | 76 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Mixed Media

Former members of Pxleyes may remember this series of contests. It's a special type of contest where you can upload any picture that you... 33 entries | 159 comments »

Photo Contest: Monotone

PhotographyPosted by Staaan
Photo Contest: Monotone

Imagine what it would look like to see our world in a single colour tone; the trees, the cars, mountain landscapes, a view of the city, the... 39 entries | 78 comments »

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