In this contest, we are working with a source photo.

Your goal is to manipulate the photo in any way you want and turn it into a work of art. You can use Photoshop or any other digital image manipulation software.

The source photo for today is 'a forest of parsley'. This photo was submitted by Olga.L and took first place in the herbs and spices photo contest.

You can find a high resolution version of this photo HERE.

Be creative, and let's do some old school photo manipulations!

Good luck!

PS: It's very important to vote on every entry, the more votes we get, the more accurate the rankings will be. Also, when you see something on someone's entry that can be improved, let them know. That way, we can learn new skills from each other!

Cosmix avatarLevel 9Gold awardGold award
1 out of 21

Dinotropics created by Cosmix

Back when Parsley was the size of trees. Sources Used:

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15Silver award
2 out of 21

The Tourist Trail. created by Skyangel

It's a rough trail through the giant parsley forest, especially after the rain. Some like to back pack through it and some take the tour buses so they don't get so muddy. Buses will give way to the walking tourists. Source files are on

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Rubber-Ray avatarLevel 11Bronze awardSilver award
3 out of 21

Parsley Island created by Rubber-Ray

Source images are here

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andi avatarLevel 6Silver award
4 out of 21

Deep blue persley created by andi

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16Bronze awardBronze award
George55 avatarLevel 10Happy awardBronze award
6 out of 21

ANOTHER BONSAI created by George55

Sorry did not know how to replace or edit my other entry and deleted it... I lost comments, but I did changes...thanks for giving me ideas... Skyangel.... thanks so much... listening... is a good way to learn.... My sources

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
Zizounai avatarLevel 16
8 out of 21

Bonsai created by Zizounai

Sources -

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15
9 out of 21

Herb Thieves created by Skyangel

Caught in the act. Do they look guilty? Source files on Forgot the bamboo on the source files pic.,0,0.81d6a1192ef3083e9caa67ddefc54a35d73f9a21

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George55 avatarLevel 10
10 out of 21


This little deer got lost in a jungle of parsley trees... night fell... he decided to rest and wait for papa... he is sure he is looking for him... my sources

Hanabi avatarLevel 8
Evert avatarLevel 6
12 out of 21

Fantasie bos created by Evert

Pictures are from unsplash, thank you for the last comments.

Skyangel avatarLevel 15
13 out of 21

Umbellifers created by Skyangel

It's a very rare phenomenon to see the three umbellifers so close to Earth. It happens only once in every three thousand years. They have never been photographed before but some very lucky photographers happened to be at the right place at the right time to get a few shots. I was lucky enough to be one of them. Source photos...

chan4creator avatarLevel 3
14 out of 21

Depth created by chan4creator

just play the filter and a little touch of the brush

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George55 avatarLevel 10
15 out of 21

MOONLIGHT created by George55

Thanks for suggestions about my entry... had to delete it... as I do not know how to replace it with the url... it is new for me.... I did some changes and it looks better... thanks RR...

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Poss avatarLevel 6
16 out of 21

Golf created by Poss

Only source image used. I know the source image has a lot of possibilities but all I could see was a golf course, and I don't even golf:)

zalvey avatarLevel 4
17 out of 21

Desktop Rainforest created by zalvey

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22parrybrej avatarLevel 3
18 out of 21

Unspecified specimen created by 22parrybrej

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grasshopper1 avatarLevel 11
19 out of 21

Africa in Color created by grasshopper1

My wife didn't like the monochrome version so I put the original in.

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Olga.L avatarLevel 17
20 out of 21

A Work of Art created by Olga.L

Please feel free to critique this piece. I am just learning photo"chopping"....your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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grasshopper1 avatarLevel 11
21 out of 21

Africa created by grasshopper1

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