In case you needed a dog in a hat after a ruff day 🐶

This is Loki. Say hi to her!

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This is Loki. Say hi to her!
Princess old lady baby Biscuit’s 11th birthday today ❤️


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🔊Coffee is spitting facts

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Such a majestic sleeper

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Such a majestic sleeper
Daughter's rabbits loved our dog Spooky 🐩Credit: petty_larceny

This guy loves belly rubs

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This guy loves belly rubs
Charly feels very comfortable! He always sleeps the same, everything disassembled
When I adopted him, 7+ years ago
Why does this look like the cover to their first rap album
His name is COV! D. He was born in a garbage pile during the lockdowns. He also goes by Shadow. He’s very majestic

🔊and he took it personally

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Puff Pastry will be 14 in April
Marley is happy with his small cousin
Story XP
Story XP