🔊Guys Bandit and Stanley are friends now

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This is what I wake up to every morning. They don’t even make a sound, they wake me up with sheer willCredit: Candid-Topic9914
Credit: lxsully

🔊Dog jealous of parrot!

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Hurry up mom! Let's go!

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Hurry up mom! Let's go!
Missin this beautiful boy. Can’t wait to come home and finally see him again. It’ll almost be a year since I left
Australian soldiers are taking care of koala bears who were left alone and endangered after the fire
The Dodo on Youtube
The Dodo on Youtube
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Cat gets startled by toaster

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Dog teaches baby how to crawl;

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🔊Cat attacks dog in his own home

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"What was THAT! ? "

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🔊Kitty got spooked by lightning

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