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So you've made up your mind and you are going to join Space Force, the elite United States Space program that would defend the United States interests in space! In today's crazy video we're going to see what it takes to become part of Space Force! Can you imagine waging wars in space?

The Infographics Show on Youtube
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If you wonder if AI will replace copywriters, chances are you’ve never written copy yourself. AI will replace many professions and we need to adapt. It assists us, so we can focus on what’s more important. But there is one thing AI can never do.

Dan Lok on Youtube
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From amazing acrobatic arachnids … to colorful dancers and bird-eaters … Here are 19 of the world’s strangest spider species.

Epic Wildlife on Youtube
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Mamma Mia - ABBA Cover | Josh Turner Guitar

Josh Turner Guitar on Youtube
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Nike reports unexpected loss as sales tumble 38%, shares fallEven Nike, often lauded as one of the strongest global brands in the retail industry, is taking a hit from the coronavirus pandemic.
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In the first of our #GWR2021 cover star features: We meet Bryan Berg, who has been setting card stacking records for nearly 30 years.

Guinness World Records on Youtube
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