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A smartphone, tablet, or computer... that's how most people check the time these days. Clocks, especially antique ones, are becoming somewhat obsolete and are used more for decoration than anything else.

In this contest, we are going to use these ancient devices and transform them!

By Skyangel
— By Skyangel —

You probably are familiar with the melting clocks from the famous painting "The persistence of memory" by Dali. Let's skip that concept and not use it in this contest. Instead, come up with something original that has never been done before. Use your imagination and design a truly crazy clock that has features nobody has ever thought of! Or, are you going for abstraction?

The clocks you use are not limited to wall clocks or cuckoo clocks. Any device that measures some form of time or duration, is usable for this contest. Atypical examples would be pendulums, water clocks, or hourglasses.

You can do anything you want with the picture(s), as long as your picture contains at least 1 clock in any form described above.

If you are seeking inspiration, have a look at this contest on Pxleyes from 4.5 years ago. A clock that is also... a time machine!

No idea where to start? Here are some pictures you can use:

Good luck!


Chinese Clock

Made this from different parts of a dragon the clock itself and background, hope you all like it.

scratzilla1 avatarLevel 9

lovely creation author. I enjoy surrealism art works.- sorry for the grammar error. (fixed).

Author replied to scratzilla1 :

Thank you....

Sad Hours

used photos -

Аппетитная планета Земля - и поесть и попить....

.....пора перейти на диету пользования Землей . Безумные часы необдуманного пользования землей прошли !

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Zizounai avatarLevel 14

Nice message but I don't see any clock in your picture. Is it Photoshop or just a photography?
This is how Google translated your note: "it's time to switch to the Earth-use diet The crazy hours of reckless land use are over!"

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