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Look at him go. Pedaling away!

Cozy little house
Let's make a shower above this slippery stone

Australian doctors' new bionic eye implant lets you see like the Six Million Dollar ManFor anyone growing up in the '70s, there was simply nothing cooler than the original bionic human known as astronaut Steve Austin, AKA The Six Million Dollar Man.
This hummingbird made himself a little leaf roof 🕊️
Back To The Future Guitar


Cute 1 hour ago by ICANHAS
Jasper National Park
The eyes of an electrician after being zapped by 14,000 volts of electricity 🤯
Lifting a baby giraffe

Princeton Admitted Past Racism. Now It Is Under InvestigationThe Trump administration opened a civil rights investigation into the university after its president acknowledged the role of systemic racism at the school.

RIP :(

Pictures 1 hour ago by d0nut
RIP :(

A new Canadian Covid-19 gargle test 'one of the first of its kind' in the world, doctor saysMost children in British Columbia can say goodbye to those icky swabs and uncomfortable Covid-19 tests as the Canadian province launches a new gargle method for students ages 4 to 19.
Life finds a way
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