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Peptide molecule causes cancer cells to self destruct by hindering their garbage disposal. Cancer cells make many more proteins, including defective ones, to sustain their excessive growth compared to normal cellsA new breakthrough by a team led by eminent oncologist Loren Walensky brings new hope for future cancer treatments.

Nigerian judge throws out case against 47 men for homosexualityA court in Lagos throws out a case against men charged with public displays of affection with members of the same sex.

Justin Trudeau offers blunt assessment of global pandemic: ‘It really sucks’ | PM’s message a stark contrast to dismissive or overly optimistic tone set by some other world leaders, such as Donald TrumpPM’s message a stark contrast to dismissive or overly optimistic tone set by some other world leaders, such as Donald Trump

A coral reef taller than the Empire State Building has been found in AustraliaResearchers said the finding is the first of its kind in more than 120 years.

Ex-NYPD cop who terrorized Nashville residents during break-in must pay $1M, judge rulesMichael J. Reynolds, who was a patrol officer in Manhattan, was ordered Monday by federal Judge Eli Richardson to pay $1 million to Conese Halliburton.

Google’s new logos are badGoogle really whiffed with the new logos for its 'reimagination” of G Suite as Google Workspace, replacing icons that are familiar, recognizable, and in Gmail's case iconic if you will, with little rainbow blobs that everyone will now struggle to tell apart in their tabs....

France warns citizens to be cautious as anger seethes in Muslim world over cartoonsFrance warned its citizens in several Muslim-majority countries to take extra security precautions on Tuesday as anger surged over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, and the head of Russia's Chechnya region said Paris was pushing people towards terrorism.

President Trumps campaign website hackedTOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – President Trump’s campaign website was hacked Tuesday evening. The message on the website stated that “this site was seized” and gave various codes to …

iOS 14 Poised to Surpass iOS 13 Installations as Adoption Nears 50%More than five weeks after release, iOS 14 adoption is set to overtake iOS 13 as the most installed version of iOS, according to data obtained from...

'Very nice': Kazakhstan adopts 'Borat' slogan for tourism campaignAfter threatening to sue Sacha Baron Cohen over the first “Borat” film and banning the franchise, Kazakhstan has changed its tune.

US senators seek to declare Uighur 'genocide’ by China in bipartisan pushRepublican senator John Cornyn says resolution ‘is the first step toward holding China accountable for their monstrous actions’
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