Chicken chili with white beansCredit: BushyEyes


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WingsCredit: Carl-Casper4204
Milk chocolate and sea salt bonbonsCredit: Fluffy_Munchkin
Crispy Cajun Salmon BitesCredit: balalaikagam3s

Creamy Tuscan Chicken

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Creamy Tuscan ChickenCredit: radloudlad
Was longing for Chicago style pizza but am in Texas so made one myself. I think it came out goodCredit: HonkyTonkManLives
Air fryer Roasted Parmesan Potatoes! Recipe and tips in commentsCredit: homecooking9
A Victoria sponge with an appropriate amount of creamCredit: dayofthedude
How cute is this Chicken Curry Katsu 💘Credit: daizyluna
Triple Smashed Burger with CheddarCredit: BBQMeatTrain
Vanilla soft serve with oreo “crunch, ” caramel drizzle, and fresh churros! The sugar coma was well worth itCredit: yomitz

Chocolate cake x

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Chocolate cake xCredit: annafitness01
Chicken Pot Pies - minus the chickenCredit: MinnieMaas

French Onion soup

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French Onion soupCredit: christophwelty
Seared ribeye basted with butter, rosemary and garlicCredit: notanalien000

Pozole for New Year Eve

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Pozole for New Year EveCredit: ZapNtoo
The perfect soft boiled eggCredit: masterjkh
These NYC style chocolate chip cookies I baked belong hereCredit: PorscheUberAlles
Italian stylesandwich with 3 types of salami and saladCredit: caylinsweeet
Chicken Waffle ConesCredit: EliteHypnosis
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