Best Buy cuts 5,000 jobs even as sales soared during pandemic - nbc15.comThe company said it cut the jobs because more shoppers are choosing to buy online instead of coming inside its stores.

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Indian government opposes same-sex marriage in High Court, says same-sex marriage not comparable with ‘Indian family unit concept’The government also said that the marriage in India is not just a matter between two individuals but “a solemn institution” between 'a biological man and a biological woman”.

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Hyundai Motor to replace battery systems in $900 million electric car recallHyundai Motor Co will replace battery systems in some 82,000 electric vehicles globally due to fire risks - a costly $900 million recall that lays bare the thorny issue of how car and battery makers split the bill when problems arise.

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Iran Curbs Nuclear Inspectors, but Appears to Leave Space for a DealThe new limits appeared to be lighter than the country had threatened, giving Western nations three months to see if they can revive the 2015 nuclear agreement.

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