What is Grepless?

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Grepless is a social platform on which the stories (links, videos, pictures, text, blog posts, tweets, ... ) are submitted into communities. By moderating, voting, commenting and analyzing, the good stuff will rise to the front page.

Content that gets added to these communities will automatically be tagged and verified. Stories have real-time statistics that can contribute to their trust score. Votes, favourites, comments, clickthroughs, the summary reads,... are all publicly available.

Users can follow communities, other users, and publishers. (More on publisher accounts later)

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What is a community?

A community is a group of people with the same interest, passion or ambition. Communities can be 'US News', 'Politics', 'Sports', ... but can also be localized communities such as 'Toronto', or 'Podrute', ... light-hearted communities like 'Cute', 'Cats', 'Memes', are also extremely popular.

Communities on Grepless
— Communities on Grepless —

Communities can be 'US News', 'Politics', 'Sports', ... but can also be localized communities such as 'Toronto', 'Bay Roberts', or 'Podrute', ... also more light-hearted communities like 'Cute', 'Cats', 'Memes', are among the possibilities...

When you find something interesting on the web, submit it in a relevant community. A news item goes in the "news" community. A funny cat picture goes into the "cute" community.

Do I need an account?

You can browse around without an account, but you have many more possibilities if you have an account!

Create an account on Grepless
— Create an account on Grepless —

When you log in for the first time, you can select the communities you want to follow. That way your feed will only contain stories that interest you. You will also get a quick tutorial on how to use the site.

Following communities on Grepless
— Following communities on Grepless —

Are accounts anonymous?

Unlike other platforms, we do not need any data from you. Using grepless can be done anonymously, even with an account. An e-mail address is sufficient to sign up.

What is the current status of the website?

Grepless is under constant development and has been online for a year now.

What can we expect on Grepless in the coming years?

We have bigger plans set up for the coming years (aside from improving the design, UX, UI). Here's an overview of what you can expect:

Publisher dashboards

Provide publishers with a dashboard to tweak their Grepless profile and create custom awards.

Publisher profiles on Grepless
— Publisher profiles on Grepless —

Bloggers, media outlets and newspapers will have the ability to create a publisher account with which they can auto-submit all of their publications on Grepless.

Publishers will use their profile as a portal to their online publications, supplemented with the awards they have earned over time. Their profile serves as an indicator of how qualitative their news and posts are. They need to be able to tweak this profile page however they please in order to make it consistent with their branding.

They will be gradually unlocked to them, depending on how well they perform. There is a constant stream of rewards to be earned, some that are fixed, some are dependent on the time of the year and some are created dynamically. Publishers will also need the option to create their own custom awards that they can reward their readers.

Automatic evaluation and addition of metadata on submitted content

We automate the process of fetching fact-checking media and 'spoonfeed' it to people so they will subconsciously analyze stories more carefully. Stories are accompanied by analysis from over 20 different sources that instantly catch the user's eye (Most notably: Snopes analysis, Google Fact Checker snippets, Charts from Hoaxy, findings on Factmata and findings on Politifact.

Story Analysis
— Story Analysis —

Stories are analyzed by our own machine learning algorithm, which learns from these external tools... On no other platform will publishers have the opportunity to reach such a targeted audience and get so much feedback and rewards on their publications. On no other platform will community owners be so encouraged to validate all data that is posted in their community. We make the process rewarding, satisfying, and addictive.

Comprehensive gamification of the platform

Currently, we have a few dozen 'awards' that users can earn for being active on the website. There are also some basic leaderboards for contributors. We want to expand this with the rewarding of contributing research on topics. We do so in the form of contests, group 'quests', lotteries, daily and weekly goals, more leaderboards,...

Further gamification of Grepless
— Further gamification of Grepless —

All these gamification elements come in the form of a trigger->reward model that will make contributing to the platform a healthy addiction. Contributing means fighting for a bigger cause, but is also satisfactory and rewarding.

An Internal token

An internal token will simplify the purchase of virtual goods and can serve as an internal currency that will make its way toward the major cryptocurrency exchanges. The monetary value of the token will be directly proportional to the activity, purchases, and exchanges that take place on Grepless.

Can I become a moderator for any of the communities?

Yes, many of the communities don't have any moderation yet! If this is something that interests you, send us a message.

Can I help building this platform?

Absolutely! If you think you have something to contribute? Please contact us.

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