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Sailing ship in Greenland

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Stargate effect done by aerial drone shot

10 Remarkable Film Photographers On InstagramFilm photography is super popular on Instagram - there are more than 17 million entries for the IG hashtag #filmisnotdead! Of course, yon can browse these .

S’cuse me while i tweak the sky: tips for dramatic skies in your photosHow can you produce gorgeous skies in your photos? Discover helpful tips for dramatic skies that will instantly improve your images!

Facebook Updates Rights Management with New Features to Help Out PhotographersFacebook is rolling out some more features to help creators like photographers protect their work on its myriad of social media platforms. Photo by .

There's no better way to enjoy outdoor photography than camping out on location to enjoy best of sunset photography and sunrise photography in the landscape. In today's video I take my Canon 5DIV and my Nordisk Telemark 2 tent up to the summit of Bow Fell in the lake district.

Thomas Heaton on Youtube

When should you carry two cameras with you and when is a second camera a distraction? We discuss this plus the new Sony a7c full-frame camera and review/edit your photos in the Lightroom Tips and Tricks section.

on Youtube

Since being out on the campaign trail in the last year, the thought has crossed my mind more than a few times, whether or not if asked, would I take the position of Chief White House Photographer?

on Youtube

The Photographer’s Guide to SEOSearch engines are a vital source of traffic and bring much-needed exposure for photographers. And just like camera gear or photo tech, they're always evolving. So how do you keep up with algorithms that are constantly getting smarter? What steps can you take to generate...

4 ways to shoot portraits in the middle of the dayDo you want to know how you can shoot portraits in the middle of the day and get great results? Discover four easy ways!

Take Control of Color Adjustments in LightroomHow can you create beautiful color adjustments in Lightroom? Discover everything you need to know about Lightroom and color!

Tamron Extends Work Stoppage Because of COVID-19 Economic ImpactThe novel coronavirus is still impacting manufacturing for many of the industry’s biggest names with Tamron recently issuing guidance that its current .

How To Protect Your Photos From Being Stolen OnlineSince the advent of the internet and with more and more people looking for information and images online, image theft has become a common problem these days. In this article, we will talk about how to protect your photos from being stolen online and this can prevent not all but...

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