The Andromeda Galaxy
Ultra-thin Crescent Moon - Apr 14, 2020

How six scientists survived ‘living on Mars' for a year: « The habitat had a small living room, 1.5 bathrooms, a galley kitchen and tiny living quarters for each of the six up a flight of stairs. Power came via solar panel, water via large storage...When six scientists moved into a dome that simulated the Red Planet for a year, the challenge wasn’t the elements — but each other.

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US general describes ‘China threat’ as space race rivalry heats upUS Space Force General John Raymond says America must strengthen ties with allies because space is now a ‘contested domain’.

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Earth is closer to supermassive black hole than we thoughtA new map of the Milky Way has put Earth 2,000 light years closer to the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. This revised estimate is the result of over 15 years of observations by the Japanese radio astronomy project VERA.

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The Helix Nebula
IC 1396 - The Elephant Trunk Nebula 🐘
Last night's 83% Moon
For small creatures such as we
The photo was snapped from low orbit as the ISS travelled past on February 26. The spacecraft’s altitude was 214 nautical miles away from Earth, about the same distance it takes to drive from central London to Manchester by car via the M40
Messier 45 Pleiades or The Seven Sisters
Vortex Startrails done in camera using a motorized zooming machine. 160 x 30 seconds f2.8 iso2500
AR2786 Close-up - Nov 25, 2020
COSMOS returns tomorrow!
First time capturing the Rosetta Nebula (NGC 2244)

There might have been a volcanic eruption on Mars just 53,000 years ago, the youngest known eruption in Martian history by 2 million years, raising prospects of lifeNot thought to be volcanically active, Mars may have experienced an eruption just 53,000 years ago.

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The Search for Dark Matter Is Dramatically ExpandingEver since astronomers reached a consensus in the 1980s that most of the mass in the universe is invisible—that “dark matter” must glue galaxies together and gravitationally sculpt the cosmos as a...

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The Heart Nebula in SHO
Astrophotography vs. visual astronomy, a comparison
My long awaited telescope finally arrived! Can't wait to observe the shit out the night sky :)
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