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One of the sharpest images of Jupiter taken from an observatory(Gemini North Telescope) from Earth
Dumbbell nebula or Apple core nebula

Leading scientists team up to create an at-home Astronomy courseThe online course offers college credits and has four world-renowned scientists as its instructors.

So far, we know of more than 4,000 exoplanets—planets orbiting stars. Do any of these worlds host life as we know it? The Webb Telescope will take us another step closer to finding outWebb will see galaxies that formed just after the Big Bang and help determine whether planets orbiting other stars could support life.

Cargo spacecraft named for fallen NASA astronaut Kalpana ChawlaChawla and six colleagues died in the Columbia shuttle disaster in 2003.

The mysterious dark vacuum of interstellar space is finally being revealed by two intrepid Voyager spacecraft that have become the first human-made objects to leave our Solar SystemThe mysterious dark vacuum of interstellar space is finally being revealed by two intrepid spacecraft that have become the first human-made objects to leave our Solar System.
Magic above an abandoned train


A world first. New footage from Mars rendered in stunning 4K resolution. We also talk about the cameras on board the Martian rovers and how we made the video. The cameras on board the rovers were the height of technology when the respective missions launched. A question often...

ElderFox Documentaries on Youtube

Hints of fresh ice found in northern hemisphere of Saturn moon EnceladusScientists have found evidence that northern hemisphere of Saturn's moon Enceladus has been resurfaced with ice from its interior. Enceladus shoots out enormous plumes of ice grains and vapour ...

How Much Life Would Be Required to Create the Phosphine Signal on Venus?A Biosignature Last week, an incredible announcement was made about the search for extraterrestrial life: Phosphine gas detected in the clouds of Venus – a potential indicator of life or 'biosignature.” Now some gases might be a false positive for biosignatures because they...

Western Australia space tracking station to cut ties with ChinaDecision will impact the expansion of Beijing’s space exploration and navigational programs
Jupiter's Magnificent Swirling Clouds
M2-9: Wings of a Butterfly Nebula
Space shuttle Atlantis in silhouette in solar transit. May 12, 2009 by NASA


NGC 7635 The Bubble Nebula
Hubble Space Telescope compared to the size of a bus
Queens, New York


Hubble Captures Crisp New Image of Jupiter and EuropaThis latest image of Jupiter, taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope on 25 August 2020, was captured when the planet was 653 million kilometres from Earth. Hubble's sharp view is giving researchers an updated weather report on the monster planet's turbulent atmosphere,...

In 1938, the Benld meteorite tore through Edward McCain's garage in Illinois, piercing the roof, seat, and floor of his Pontiac before rebounding off the car's muffler and landing back in the seat. This created a neat series of holes that were used to...What are the odds of a meteorite striking your vehicle? In 1938, one unlucky Illinois resident found out.

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In the last decade, we’ve encountered different changes and witnessed new discoveries in our outer space. New habitable exoplanets have been discovered; we’ve seen the rise of a new push to visit the moon and we’ve also had a closer photo view of Pluto as well as the first real photo of a black hole. With many of these activities going on, we can confidently say that space hasn’t been entirely quiet. This is why we’ve created a community where you’re welcomed to share your fascination with outer space.

The space community is a platform of like minds who have an interest in the latest missions and discoveries from the final frontier. Here you’ll have the opportunity to share, discuss and analyze with like minds, your fascination and all the information you have about the space and the physics behind it. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn from others and be exposed to new information, have your simple topic of a microscopic discovery breathlessly discussed and expanded for you to see the new possibilities.

Participating in the Space community will open your mind to new perspectives from other people’s contributions. It will let you see how a small piece of information can make you see the natural world differently.

The space community features posts and topics from participants containing information from other trusted sites they would like to share, discuss further with like minds to get more insight and various perspectives on the topic. It also avails you and other participants the opportunity to comment on posts, share different views and also ask questions that could spark another conversation while getting your questions answered.

This platform is open to everyone irrespective of their background, race, profession or nationality. It is a place where people come together from diverse origins to discuss what Nature holds outside our dear planet. Get on with it, post your first comment, story or observation and you’ll be excited to see reactions and new perspectives that will blow your mind.
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