Should real interest rates be even lower in the long run?One of the key drivers of returns on financial markets are real interest rates. Most investors look at nominal interest rates as a guide to what they can earn by investing in money market funds or bonds. But really, what matters are real interest rates after inflation is taken into account. And as most interested investors know, the problem with real interest rates is that they have been negative in many developed countries for several years. This in turn means that by investing in inflation-linked bonds or nominal bonds you have to expect to lose money after inflation.

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The yin yang dog 🐶😬
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Looks like typical Indian traffic.

Christmas Tree Cluster from backyard telescope. Do you see the tree, or do you see a bird beak? I am leaving a link in the comments section to get more details about this wonderful capture
Credit: raysastrophotography
Nothing, they fast 👏😅

4 Strangers, All Named Paul Sullivan, Form A Band Despite Coming From Different Parts Of The WorldFour strangers, all named Paul O’Sullivan have formed a band despite hailing from different cities around the globe. As reported by CBS News, an individual named Paul O’Sullivan living in ...

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Katheryn Winnick

Women who are young, 'conventionally attractive” and appear and act feminine are more likely to be believed when making accusations of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment often stems from hostility toward women, the desire to dominate women, or...A new UW study reveals people's perceptions that sexual harassment primarily affects young, feminine and conventionally attractive women. Women who fall outside that prototype not only are perceived...

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