These ‘herb scissors’ are wild
Drove through Big Sur, California last night. These were the gas prices

Young serval

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🔊Coolest Dad ever!

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🔊Date with an NPC part 4

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That’s The Way It Should Be

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That’s The Way It Should Be
Today is the 48th anniversary of Philippe Petit’s high wire walk between the twin towers. He walked back and forth for 45 minutes
Wang Yan, Ally of the Animal Kingdom
Well the neighbor won’t be leaving any time soon

🔊Trick Shot

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🔊They are all adorable

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That is. Not good

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That is. Not good

This amazing cloud formation

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🔊yeah, he's not interested at all

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🔊Low Flyby of a C-17 over Brisbane

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Optimus Pride, crusher of homophobes, bane of Regina George
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