A&Z #908 - Randy Santel 'Atlas' vs Russo's New York 28' Party Pizza Challenge at the Russo's New York Pizzeria location in Pearland, Texas!!

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In this video, we whipped up the Ultimate Singaporean Breakfast in Neo’s Kitchen. Since so many of you have requested an Economic Bee Hoon video, I decided to make it a challenge but with a twist.

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A&Z #907 - Randy Santel 'Atlas' vs the Fiery Crab Louisiana Seafood Boil House Platter Challenge at Fiery Crab off Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!!

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So many tacos! so little time, 20 tacos in 40 mins challenge, there was more cheese than tacos I think!!


December 1, 2019 - I rounded out a hike at Superstition Mountain with a giant 72 ounce steak dinner at Dirtwater Springs in Apache Junction, Arizona.

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Pretty handy that just a few days after I took on Tyson Fury's ridiculous cheat day, Nando's decided to publish the signature Anthony Joshua order. So I thought it might be a laugh to take it for a whirl not once, not twice but thrice!

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Eating Everything On The Mr. Beast Burger Menu!

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A Hawaiian Poke Bowl? How about the worlds biggest poke bowl?!

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#foodchallenge #chinesefood #lomein Alright guys it's been awhile since I got some Chinese Food and today it's gonna be a bit special! So today is my buddy Draven's birthday woo hoo!

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30 McDonalds McMuffins!! Why not.

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This was definitely a push. They weighed almost 15 lbs a piece with the rind.

Molly Schuyler Woman vs Food on Youtube
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