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Now's The Perfect Time to Start Using a Password ManagerTime has no meaning, and we're all stuck in front of screens. You may as well secure your life while you're always online.

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GitLab runs phishing test against employees - and 20% handed over credentialsGitLab runs phishing test against employees - and 20% handed over credentials - SiliconANGLE

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We don’t own our digital lives and it’s time we started caring about itHere is why you don't actually own most of your digital copies of movies, games, and books.

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EU should launch a specialist team to investigate Chinese disinformationThe Chinese government has flooded the European information space with disinformation, in an effort to control the narrative around the pandemic and divert the blame. This poisonous environment created by Chinese info-war operations calls for resolute answers, write Jakub Janda and Nathalie Vogel.

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The remote work boom will make it harder for big tech companies like Facebook and Google to recruit top talent. That's a good thing.Lavish perks are meaningless if you're not working in an office — so workers will look elsewhere for job satisfaction.

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Microsoft Solitaire turns 30 years old today and still has 35 million monthly playersSolitaire was originally designed to teach people how to use a mouse

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White Supremacist Groups Are Thriving on FacebookFacebook says hate groups aren’t allowed on the platform. But white supremacists are using the social network to build their movement.

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TikTok says it will explicitly ban Holocaust denial and other conspiracy theories denying violent events.TikTok released a new set of updated community guidelines on Wednesday, and among them is a rule explicitly banning content that “denies well-documented and violent events have taken place.”

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zerocool Explorer — Level 11 says:

Hm, will it also explicitly ban Tiananmen square denial? 🤔

1 day ago
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Facebook Is Taking Down Coronavirus Misinformation Posts But Not Ones About Vaccines Or Climate ChangeThe social media platform is siding with scientists to stop the spread of harmful misinformation about the pandemic. If it can do it now, why wasn't it doing it all along?

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Roughly half the Twitter accounts pushing to 'reopen America' are bots, researchers foundIt's unclear who's behind the surge in bot activity or whether they're originating from the US or abroad.

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