Apple’s policy of preventing staff leaving its retail stores before subjecting them to a search of their property could end up costing the company millions.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is such a bag of nerves before big speeches that his employees reportedly blow-dry his armpits to get rid of his anxiety-induced sweat.

There’s a good chance your iPhone or Samsung was assembled in China. Sales affirm we don’t give a damn about the country of origin when it comes to consumer goods — the criteria for buying are good quality and low cost.

An ARM processor means you'll want to stick to Microsoft Store apps wherever possible, but otherwise this is a great portable PC.

Imagine going to watch the footy and being able to see the game crystal clear, no matter where you’re sitting.

Google's parent company Alphabet has pulled the plug on its kite-powered energy venture Makani, the first of its blue-sky "moonshot" projects to shut since Sundar Pichai took over as chief executive.

Tesla has been ordered to stop work on its German factory, in a win for environmental campaigners.

The super-sensitive smelling ability of American grasshoppers has been used to create biological bomb sniffers, which could prove useful for security purposes


thelostworld Level 7 — Beginner Says:

We should be hit with some meteorite. Sooner than later.

2 days ago

Apple will miss its revenue projections for the second quarter of the fiscal year, blaming the coronavirus outbreak for the lower than expected profits.

Worried about the data collected about you? A new generation of startups is making apps to put your privacy settings straight

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