In our previous photography contest (The way we were), we asked photographers to upload older photos, which were often not in full color.

That's where this contest comes in. Your goal is to take any entry from this contest and bring it to life with more color. The photo you colorize must be one from that contest.

The photo you chose to work with does not necessarily have to be B&W, you can chose any entry from the contest and alter its colors. You may also retouch the photo, i.e. fix blurry parts, faded parts or cuts.

To download the highest resolution version of a photo, make sure to click on the photo itself (not the thumbnail).

As always, it's important to vote and comment on all other entries. Valuable feedback is appreciated by everyone and gives them a chance to learn and improve!

Good luck!

scratzilla1 avatarLevel 9
1 out of 13

Daddy and Little Sis. created by scratzilla1

Thank you for the use of this image Vibeke. -1960, Her Dad and youngest Sister. Used with much appreciation .

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retired avatarLevel 11
2 out of 13

Nameless picture created by retired

Tried to edit it Zizounai, but unsuccessful, (there should be a better way, as per any other site}. So I deleted it and resubmitted.

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retired avatarLevel 11
3 out of 13

Two Sisters created by retired

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
4 out of 13

Love knows no colour created by Zizounai

Thanks to Grasshopper for the photo, and to Olga for the title!

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15
5 out of 13

Blue eyed Beauty created by Skyangel

Mymindseye's mom with blue eyes.

scratzilla1 avatarLevel 9
6 out of 13

1917 -family through the ages created by scratzilla1

PHOTO: Zizounai - thank you

scratzilla1 avatarLevel 9
7 out of 13

Baby Irma -1931 created by scratzilla1

Merlin 's photo of baby Irma . I am sorry that i have run out of time to complete this photo. however, i still wanted to post as i have completed a lot of the work already . source for hedge background

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sewasuresh avatarLevel 4
8 out of 13

Suresh created by sewasuresh

Its a beautiful picture.. how do you like it??

sewasuresh avatarLevel 4
9 out of 13

sewasuresh created by sewasuresh

had real was fun coloring this.

Zizounai avatarLevel 16
10 out of 13

Eric created by Zizounai

Thank you MyMindsEye for the photo, hope you don't mind if I called you Eric as I don't know your real name 😊

George55 avatarLevel 10
11 out of 13

SISTERS created by George55

I loved this picture and wanted to give a try at colorizing it.... it is true, colorizing is not my best in Photoshop... but I tried.... Thanks Zizounai for the pictue... it is lovely to see two little sisters....

Zizounai avatarLevel 16
12 out of 13

Ilona in Wonderland created by Zizounai

I got a bit carried away into the revival process... Thank you Filantrop for this beautiful photography.

scratzilla1 avatarLevel 9
13 out of 13

Vintage Summer created by scratzilla1

1978 Ráckeve (Hungary)- My Ilona! created by filantrop

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