Photoshop Contest: Food Creatures

Broccolisheep, bread bulldog, sliced-bread fox, ... just some of the suggestions that were posted in the contest suggestions post. (Which is... 24 entries | 76 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Mixed Media

Former members of Pxleyes may remember this series of contests. It's a special type of contest where you can upload any picture that you... 33 entries | 159 comments »

Photoshop Contest: Animal Mash-up

People have been mixing species via Photoshop since its early existence! It's one of those classic Photoshop contests from the mid-2000s.... 22 entries | 195 comments »

Photoshop Contest: The Year 2020

The year is almost over, and it was definitely not a boring one! The US president got impeached, Joe Biden became president-elect, the BLM... 5 entries | 76 comments »

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