safety first
Please wait to reveal that he’s a monster until after he’s in office, please!
Is this a good first photo for Tinder?
A very intelligent electric car salesman
Why. Does it have a nose?
How's slavery bad?
Personal Assistant, you're looking for a personal assistant
Darn. If only aggravated assault wasn't frowned upon
Dress nice? See nobody. Dress bad? Run into everyone you’ve ever known
Take us to the green assault
Enjoy every square inch
And then the next day the teacher is extra nice to you
ATLA never fails
This Allowed, For Now
the wokes are at it again
Uh, totally
Wow, I can't believe this guy used to work for Fox Broadcasting! /s
beat the child’s ass it is the only way
"Just give Billy your lunch money and there would be peace" says principal RichardCredit: Kode6
Story XP
Story XP