Short kings, RISE UP!
It's like she forgot that she publicly admitted to molesting her sister


Social Media GobbledygookPosted by ICANHAS
The party of contradiction. Welcome to the Republican Party
What is going on on Twitter these days
“Pure blood only”
monkey looking bish
A great addition to rock, paper, scissors
Future ex-wife
You think she has telepathic powers?
Same with those who take babies to nice restaurants
A nutrition label that you can't read until you buy and open the product
MTG speaking as a Russian operativeCredit: ExtensionAsparagus95
Biden has been dead since 2017!
You've gotta commit & stick
i’m not dying for you
How am I doing guys?
Not vaccinating your chuldCredit: botokoin2013
This has gotten me too many times… (the resealable part is the indention)Credit: logan436
Aww that sucks! You shouldn't have attempted to overthrow the government
Story XP
Story XP