Someone tried formatting these windows in a Word document
Not the slightest amount of seasoning in sight
And they’re going to ignore that fact that he was born in North Dakota

Fucking sad

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Fucking sad
Officially licensed merch from the NHL team the Calgary Flames
I’m so sick of this. Heart is just broken
Imagine being such a bad designer you can destroy a child’s ability to count by them merely looking at your designCredit: theWildBore
Still disgustingly relevant

Everytime: D

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Everytime: D
In response to the Uvalde shooting today
Instant communal payback to trashy behavior
will this consider as flirting?
Murdering someone for knocking on your cars window is reasonable, right?Credit: xburtreynolds
What does Roberto bring to the table? Looking for a slave?
It’s all a hoax, guys
Weak Washington
Press F to pay respects
Story XP
Story XP