"Just don't be sick"
Cramdace Owens
They only care when its us
Who thought this would be acceptable for a 5TH GRADE WORKSHEET?
How high? Real high
Customers really be asking these dumbass questions
Thanks Domino's. I hate it
Letting the trash take itself out
A polite murder of a Fox News invite
I’m getting scam vibes, anyone ever see texting like this?
Some folks just choose to keep their eyes closed
Corn or sofa
The guy who posted this is part Jewish
They can ban books, but they can’t ban the internet
Either way it is no way!
Thank god she's a woman
Politics hit different when your life and financial security actually depends on itCredit: mymatt1
Kids can learn the easy way or the hard way
Betrayal never comes from your enemies actuallyCredit: bingbongthebusdriver
Story XP
Story XP