Husband’s dinner attempt
F4 turns up the brightness F3 turns the brightness down

🔊Pls come to Brazil

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Here we go again


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This cereal inventor needs to be blessed
Because a certain portion of our population are dumb a******Credit: groovy_receptor
Its as simple as that


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That shit hurts
Also using vacation time or PT. Anxiety and burn out is real. Use that time!
Been having tremendous success with this. Highly recommend
Local KFC location. They start pay at $8/hr
What a piece of shit
Neil Gaiman tells us what being a real "full time" writer means
Now let's not go overboard
Dad jokes work charms
Never Take Risks
How girls under 5'2 look speaking with somebody 6'4 and saying they only want 6'5 and up

Housing App-raicial

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Housing App-raicial
Story XP
Story XP