This is Charly's SuperCleaner, and I think Charly had enough of it
Finally, an honest job description
His wig game is crazy
As a teacher you can't even tell the parents shit. They don't care. Long as man man is fedCredit: battleangel1999
Are they just blaming everything on Biden now?
Well how was the funeral?
Crazy person advocates for giving a child a dangerous water softening agent because he’s autistic
Opinion columnist questions credentials, gets owned
Tbh tho, doing dumb shit together is the best part of being in a relationship
Scream bald eggs?
A very literal ass hat
Why that make sense though?
“mRNA is not natural”
It’s as fun to clean as it looks!
At 10am no less
Dating in 2023 be like
Does this guy even like women…?
Marjorie Taylor Greene got fact checked
The way I hated these mfs
If you let them, they will happily tell on themselves too
Story XP
Story XP