How to answer this pick up line?
It's crazy what the USA is turning into
Christian sharia
Kristy, the American hero
None of these decisions are safe
if only they had listened
Cold as Iceland
The ad literally says, "Modern Kitchen, Great Layout, Bright and Spacious! "
ZERO "excuses" needed
”BAcK iN thE OLd dAyS! ” Shut up…
It’s always been Land of the Free* Special Restrictions Apply

Hey Ivanka!

Social Media GobbledygookPosted by 1timbutimbu1
Hey Ivanka!
What was I saying again? Uh… oh yea, SHUT UP
It was supposed to say crapelnitia but
where was that energy in 3rd period?
the pot calling the kettle black
This is what a fascist theocracy looks like
It's not the hero we wanted but may be the one we need
honestly fuck the politics in this country
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Story XP