It’s giving “Uncle Ruckus”
Going To Urban Dictionary Now
"You lucky you only caught these hands, not these hands AND feet. "
Man down, send help!
Is it the post or the toilet In the corner that makes this trashy?
AirBnb Host in Ireland is being sued by guests for being disabled
Actually a lot of people have retweeted this


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Uhhhh. Yes?

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Uhhhh. Yes?
HUGE shoutout to Christian Nationalism for making this suffering possible!
iPadOS Siri is very intelligent

The Head Ripper

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The Head Ripper
Theocratic fascist be like
Might as well get a casket ready at that point
Let’s tell the whole truth

🔊Poor guy

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Always check the sheets
Meta: As a non-native English speaker, I propose to require OPs to add the intended phrase to the commentsCredit: Ryzzlas
Rate yo self 5 stars. You earned it. Twice
Badly designed globe on which you can’t read any European place names
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