Let’s see it

Social Media GobbledygookPosted by Kernik
Let’s see it
Very loyal and cool
The world went mad. It was funny though
Joe (thinks he) knows best
Can't people be haterz in peace? !
Nobody want to get with you, stop
Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by healthcare workersCredit: F0rtis5

Truly …

Social Media GobbledygookPosted by antitheist
Truly …
Two trashy people in a (previously) trashy relationship
Turns out if you improve your employees' quality of life and then try to undo it, they'll leaveCredit: TortCourt
A little bit of cat humour 😸 💘

Reality …

Social Media GobbledygookPosted by croky
Reality …
Parked next to me at Home DepotCredit: Random_Monstrosities
In all fairness, the instructions did specifically state not to do that
Jesus himself couldn’t have gotten this information out of me
The artist attempted to make these look like sweet potatoes but they just look like jazz turds
Sheeiit I might run up and hug that fluffy bastard 🤗
Get vaccinated
Lawrence was moving dirty that season
Story XP
Story XP