Converting Lunch to Naps
He will murder you and commit rape. Watch out!
Think man THINK!
He could be Batman
Oregon Health Authority is apparently done with idiots
Especially when God gave us Popeyes
you ever just nosedive right off the bat
Rush Hour 4 is gonna be tightCredit: wilymon
Whoever approved this font colour needs to be firedCredit: harryn12
Thongs or Jeans?
The cycle of failed marriages and messed up families must be broken
NYT reporter has a basic question for Minnesota's rollout of "Not-Reaching Pouches, " a bold new innovation in hoping cops don't shoot you!Credit: BitterFuture
It ain’t lying
Some people just don't know or notice
Great statistics coming from more social workers, not more police
Nearly a decade later and Sandy Hook truthers have gotten worse. Fuck these people
Young people don't know what coffee is
Better include nap time, too
Can’t ask a simple question anymore
"Why I oughtta. "
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