Paris: 4 wounded in knife attack near ex-Charlie Hebdo sitePARIS (AP) — The main suspect in the double stabbing Friday outside the former Paris offices of a satirical newspaper where dozens were killed in 2015 was arrested a month ago for carrying a...
Because even if they had 4 players they still couldn’t throw a ball.

No smoking: CEO of Philip Morris, the company that makes Marlboro, says cigarette sales may end within 10-15 yearsPhilip Morris International’s CEO André Calantzopoulos said cigarette sales could end within 10 to 15 years in many countries, but added that a smoke-free future is not yet guaranteed and would require adherence to science and collaboration.
Skeptical turkey is skeptical

That's what it is.

Past lives

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To get to the other side.

Trump’s strategy is not to win. It’s to invalidate the election resultsWe may be seeing the development of a presidential coup against American democracy.
Technically, Cartman is right!
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