Tarnished by Trump: National security officials struggle to find new jobsConversations with seven former and current officials reveal that they have been tainted by their time working for Trump.

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Three variant strains of COVID-19 found in California, may be behind recent surgeWhile hospitalizations in the Coachella Valley begin to steady, concern is rising over new variant strains of the coronavirus. Variants have been found in the UK and South Africa, and three differe…

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Are steroids/PEDs used by some of our favorite Hollywood stars to attain their drastic body transformations? Is even asking that question overlooking the deeper problem when it comes to male body representation?

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Israel is accused of 'racism' by Palestinian PM after excluding 4million people in the West Bank and Gaza from its Covid-19 vaccine programIsrael's Arab residents and the Palestinians of east Jerusalem will be vaccinated by Israel but Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza will not be given a dose.

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