In this episode, Chelsea talks about different lifestyle swaps that can save you tons of money in the long run. This video is sponsored by Blue Apron.

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College dropout donates $20 million to the historically Black university he couldn't afford 60 years agoNearly 60 years ago, Calvin Tyler was forced to drop out of college in his hometown of Baltimore because he couldn't afford tuition. Now he and his wife, Tina, have pledged $20 million to endow scholarships for students needing financial aid at the historically Black school. 'Morgan is so proud to call this son and daughter of the great City of Baltimore our own, and through their historic giving, the doors of higher education will most certainly be kept open for generations of aspiring leaders whose financial shortfalls may have kept them from realizing their academic dreams,' David Wilson, president of Morgan State University, said in a statement Monday.

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Last statue of dictator Franco removed in 'historic day' for SpainThe last statue of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco was removed on Tuesday from the city gates of Melilla, a Spanish enclave and autonomous city on the northwest African coast.

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