He puts the fun in
The great Bazinger
The great Bazinger
Great empire of sheldoneca
Emphatising with Leonard
End of a Journey
Just imagine these two having a conversation
We're getting a Turtle 🐢 🐢
Oh Amy, how wrong you are
"You're the only reason I deserve one"

Sheldon was right!

The Big Bang TheoryPosted by ICANHAS
Sheldon was right!


The Big Bang TheoryPosted by hydrohomiesftw
"Smart" is basically an insult to Sheldon :D
Underrated scene. Professor Tupperware... or whatever his name is

Poor Amy

The Big Bang TheoryPosted by elbowclassics
Poor AmyCredit: nmprince
Penny's best outfits
Kaley Cuoco - behind the Scenes Pic
Our whole universe was in a hot dense stateCredit: Terror_Billy1963
Best relationship in the show
Not enough people talk about how hot she is
Story XP
Story XP