Oh Sheldon sometimes I wonder what you are upto?
Melissa Rauch in "Are You Here"
In another universe
How the tables turn
Dutch Physicist H. A Kramers, rings some bells?
Coffee is now classified as a drugCredit: epicgamer45632
Penny! Penny! Penny!
Felt the wave < 3
Raj Embracing His Inner Catwoman
Sheldon's next trip
Just realized last night that Simon Helberg is in a few Reno 911 episodes

First day

The Big Bang TheoryPosted by d0nut
First day

Howard Wolowitz!

The Big Bang TheoryPosted by EEYYY
Howard Wolowitz!
Young Sheldon with the legendary painting
Over and over again!
Feels just like yesterday
I cry because others are stupid
Penny get your own wifi!Credit: alm_614
Deep in our hearts, we are all bodybuildersCredit: SeToxic


The Big Bang TheoryPosted by Kalibabe
Story XP
Story XP