Heart sinking Moment RIP Debby
"I mean, The first one's traditional. "
Stewart went from confident to beaten down by season 12. I loved him and Denise together
On what attracted Sheldon to Amy
As a short man, I LOVE THIS SCENECredit: Perry_theplatypussy
Sheldon Logic: )
Remember when the gang spent New Years Eve dressed as the Justice League?

Fair Point!

The Big Bang TheoryPosted by TokenBlack
Fair Point!
Mrs. Wolowitz, are you home? Charlie Harper is here to "see" you. #SameCreatorsSameHouse
A lovely innocent romantic moment
You gotta know how to hold them, you gotta know how to fold them
Who else is like Sheldon?
Oh Sheldon sometimes I wonder what you are upto?
Melissa Rauch in "Are You Here"
In another universe
How the tables turn
Dutch Physicist H. A Kramers, rings some bells?
Coffee is now classified as a drugCredit: epicgamer45632

Penny! Penny! Penny!

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Penny! Penny! Penny!

Felt the wave < 3

The Big Bang TheoryPosted by 123eject
Felt the wave &amp;lt; 3
Story XP
Story XP