A Moving Leaf
Going to a forgotten world

Wholesome Mom

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Wholesome Mom
Sir Rogers is worthy
It was and still is one of the best feelingsCredit: guiltlessallies

Under the braid

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Under the braid
pretty patties
Trust me kid, slow down. Don't wanna grow up too fastCredit: WittyCups
Kill your life, not yourselfCredit: DjGinn
Thank you darling
This is the kind of support we need to see
Truly a thing of beauty

Running Aarons

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Running Aarons
Ganbare! Don't give up!
Literally music taste Doesent define you! : )
A group of Mexican fans carrying a South Korean fan after a South Korean win secures Mexico a spot in the knockout stage of the World Cup
when you don't expect it
It applies to other jobs as well, including teachers
This comic is so cute!
It happens more than I care to admitCredit: SecretaryOk7521
Story XP
Story XP