Positive vibes
Man, this hits deeep
He did in fact get sick, but he still insists it was worth it

Chad appreciates coffee

Make Me Feel BetterPosted by EEYYY
Chad appreciates coffee


Make Me Feel BetterPosted by ls300
MarriageCredit: Brixiety-Comic
Luca's Birthday

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you are cherished
Screw Stereotypes!
Specially those who are not automatic messages
Not one should be excluded!
It starts and ends with you
Everyone has to be vibing
Hehehe they didn't know I remembered their birthdays
Don’t let those intrusive thoughts win


Make Me Feel BetterPosted by kevinmc1972
aBmttZCredit: razor_face_
Saving for a rainy day
Platonically, of course
Life is full of little moments to appreciate
Don't know who needs to hear this but here you go!
Sometimes we need to appreciate ourselves!
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Story XP