Its ok to be nervous sometimes
Seeing this made me so happyCredit: Hambino0400
Accidental, but it's still kindness

Permanent hype-man

Make Me Feel BetterPosted by Karmawhore
Permanent hype-man
Wholesome Moment caught in 4k
Me right? That's me!
You may have saved a life, kind stranger
a nice cold class of milk too!
Things will get better
Connecting on a deeper level where you no longer feel alone
It's good if you wake up early
Feels like it's been forever
Some things just never get old
Its the little things that keep us happy
Thank you bro!
The best feeling any child can have
It literally gives me a break sometimesCredit: apparentlyaisha
Friends and family


Make Me Feel BetterPosted by sarafree
BetterCredit: that_doodleguy

The best sight

Make Me Feel BetterPosted by gimly.u
The best sight
Story XP
Story XP