Must step on nose of 130 lb brother

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Goldie is happy

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Sup? I like treats. You got treats?

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Sup? I like treats. You got treats?Credit: sagmeme

🔊Mischievous panda

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Is someone missing their breakfast? I think I found it

Does this belong here?

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This good boy has been officially seizure free for 2 years today! 🐶

This handsome dude

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This handsome dude
Every one special. Every one unique

Much: Not time to work

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Much: Not time to work
Just applied for this gorgeous girl! Wish me luck!Credit: lilbat89

different shades of bunny

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different shades of bunny

Perfect lunch

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guess I’ll be a phone prop from now on ‍️

The Faustian bargain

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The Faustian bargain

Why we have two arms

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1st time having catnip. HELP he stopped working!
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Story XP