🔊Husky vs headliner

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Picture of a Leopard Seal taken in the dark depths. Its only natural predator is the Killer Whale
A moray eel with a disfigured face resides in an aquarium. That or this creature is a Lovecraftian God

Crackers are difficult sometimes

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Big bro and little bro

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Stop and You Die

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🔊Finally a wholesome prank

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Am I doing this right?

"Huh. Where'd it go? ! "

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As a matter affectCredit: Phiced

Does he have enough distance?

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🔊wait for your birthday you lil

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Credit: obsolete_applause

🔊wtf are they doing? !

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🔊Stranger Danger

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🔊The voice change tho

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🔊Daaaamn! This is really good perfomance

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