he wanted to beat up a cop
The downward spiral of inmate Matthew Medlin

Cappadocia, Turkey

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Cappadocia, Turkey
Someone stole this 200 pound Shrek statue from a house near me

Her afternoon nap face scares me ️

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Her afternoon nap face scares me ️Credit: numnumyummy
Bailey doing her best croissant impersonation

The ghosts of our past

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The ghosts of our pastCredit: Casual_Deviant
The Satanic Temple doesn't care for Justice Alito

Seeing "other people"

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Seeing "other people"
Give me your useless factsCredit: andybebo
Local bar will pay your ticket if they’re parking lot is fullCredit: ThatWasYourPlan
Mini wheeled gantry hoist for pulling AGA hobs

Someone is in the wrong

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Someone is in the wrong

The Optimism-Disappointment Cycle

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The Optimism-Disappointment CycleCredit: cheapshotdraw
Neighbors puked on our door, then emails the office, blames usCredit: FlipPhonePhantom13
15 years in jail ‍️‍️

Leisure Time

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Leisure Time
Story XP
Story XP