Yikes! Triangle Pencils
Jack Black and Kathy Griffin the 90's
WrestleMania XX. 19 years ago
Easter Morning in NJ 1971 (updated! )
Wilt Chamberlain at 17. 1954
Interview with the Vampire cast at the premiere circa 1994
Nothing like finally immediately winning a prize under a pop bottle cap!
The old Cadillac's cushy sofa-like front seats and thick carpet: A living room on wheels! (1977)

VHS Labels

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VHS Labels
1980s Taco Bell, who else misses it?

Vanna White 1970s

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Vanna White 1970s
Punk in an image; John Lydon, 1979
Load up the CD changer - we’re going on a road trip!
Gumball machine baseball helmets - Loved trying to collect them all
Jason Bateman and Justine Bateman attend the 1987 Emmys

Game Genie for NES

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Game Genie for NES
Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese's mother. She used to cook for cast and crew on the sets of her son's movies. (1980s)
Story XP
Story XP