The FBI fingerprint filling system in 1940
Rowan Atkinson, promotional photo for series two of Blackadder - 1986
At the Tiger Lounge of an American Airlines Boeing 747. 1970's

The Boxcar Children

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The Boxcar Children
Windows XP Startup Screen
Audrey Hepburn enjoying the sun in 1958
Tomato Pincushion (Victorian Era)
Exchanging your cash for tokensCredit: BDigital11
1980's girls in USA sitting on car
Steve Buscemi when he was a FDNY firefighter circa 1982Credit: justlooking033
Norm McDonald 1995


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Marty, Doc & Einstein, 1989
The infamous Fisher price toy castle
Tourists in Greece, 1983

Little Golden Books

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Little Golden Books
I’d like to make a collect call…
Story XP
Story XP