Barbecued pork in carrot’s clothing (fried dim sum)Credit: sendhelpandthensome
Fried chicken at Willie Mae’sCredit: anna_alabama

Spicy Fried Chicken

CulinaryPosted by Kitchen__Prince
Spicy Fried ChickenCredit: redfieldtck
Christmas Vacation Theme Charcuterie BoardCredit: Stitchasoldastime

Culinary masterpieces

CulinaryPosted by PMsavailable
Culinary masterpieces

Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta

CulinaryPosted by ICANHAS
Roasted Bell Pepper PastaCredit: umn2o2co2

A Prime Rib Feast

CulinaryPosted by whatevenisthis_
A Prime Rib FeastCredit: CompoBBQ
Pain au Chocolat filled with vanilla cream, topped with chocolate shards and caramelized hazelnutsCredit: Fluffy_Munchkin
Dippy eggs and soldiers, comforting and nostalgicCredit: Cavalover

Lemon Meringue Cruff Cruff

CulinaryPosted by usaFOREVER
Lemon Meringue Cruff CruffCredit: Sweaty_Computer7065
Cookie dough filled chocolatesCredit: mercyless1

Portillo's chocolate cake

CulinaryPosted by Squirly
Portillo's chocolate cakeCredit: 100FootSiphonophore
Pumpkin Tart with caramelized hazelnuts and hazelnut crustCredit: rychevamp
classic grilled cheese w/ roasted tomato soupCredit: SwaggyVINCE
Lemon cake. Sour sweet and freshCredit: mercyless1
Wagyu, rice cake, quail egg, miso soyCredit: tigerinhouston
60 day dry aged bone-in prime ribCredit: WhileTrue_
Comically oversized mozzarella stick with tub of marinaraCredit: cherylcanning
"Better than takeout" veggie lo mein!Credit: MyOwnGuitarHero

Surf and Turf

CulinaryPosted by Twingirls
Surf and TurfCredit: KLSFishing
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