Who loves Sushi?
Credit: malory1012
Summer wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets
Credit: TheLadyEve
Soft pretzel cheesesteak with extra cheese
Credit: JustTom1
Used leftover Gyoza filling to make Japanese sausage rolls and my brain has exploded
Credit: VGDrumCovers
I Made a Double Decker Cheeseburger
Credit: derpypupdog
Al Pastor queso tacos with handmade tortilla! By far the best tacos in LA
Credit: thugshrug
Any love for biryani?
Credit: Hussainswagger
Wife made a cake from our Fallout cookbook
Credit: anticlockclock
I Made an orange curd tart with candied cranberries
Credit: ErynCuz
First time trying wagyu tonight!
Credit: BettydelSol
Though they look like Valentine’s Day cupcakes, the other day I randomly made some vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberry jam! (because why not)
Credit: _anika28
Cheesecake that wants to be souffle
Credit: uncre8tv
Homemade cardamom cake with whipped cream and gulab jamuns
Credit: Theicingworld
Caprese Bites
Credit: The_Proper_Palate
Cream Cheese Danish from scratch!
Credit: nataloodle
1kg of Belgian style mussels to myself for dinner. Hand for scale. The beer was pretty good too
Credit: Cflapjack
My Challah Bread, happy christmas
Credit: NaniKitchen
My wife said call me 5 minutes before I get home. Ok? I walk in and and this is prepped on the table waiting for me. Homemade fish and shrimp tacos 🤤
Credit: VlClOUSLY

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Ribeye meatball sandwich on garlic bread
Credit: Turtleramem
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