This perfect fade
Flowers reflection in the water droplets
Decorating a cake
A freshly groomed ski slope
Two perfect onions. My simple contribution to 2020-21 relief. Gaze and enjoy!
Credit: fitsomah
An all-aluminum guitar so thoroughly polished that it looks clear
I made a perfect ball out of Kinetic Sand
Credit: GhostFoxGirl
These nice bricks
This stack of gummies
How ants see the world
The way the trays divides
This painting, by my father Norman Parker, of an armadillo escaping from a compound
Credit: favouritewaiter
This beautiful paper crane
Smooth snow blanket
Is it just me or seeing a clean sink (specially after a large meal) is very satisfying?
Credit: Elik101
The way the snowfall covers this town
Underwater tunnel in the Netherlands
The way the 2 words interlock
The look of contentment
How my coffee blends into the cup
Credit: No_Consideration4479
Story XP
Story XP