Jupiter's swirling clouds, imaged by JunoCredit: EclipseEpidemic

NGC 2264: The Cone Nebula

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NGC 2264: The Cone NebulaCredit: aureliamachiavelli
A Pebble Church with Summer Orion in Victoria, AustraliaCredit: normalaustralian
Just finished this painting

Andromeda Galaxy with a DSLR

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Andromeda Galaxy with a DSLR
This is what a sunset on Earth looks like from spaceCredit: riblikeambusher970
Stunning image of a "burning" Jupiter, captured in infraredCredit: EclipseEpidemic

Flaming Star Nebula

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Flaming Star Nebula
Melotte 15 Nebula With a DSLR
Bought this on amazon, is this signed or do all copies of this book have a signature?

The Sombrero Galaxy

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The Sombrero GalaxyCredit: musicman5013

The Wizard Nebula

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The Wizard NebulaCredit: ylemish
Day/Night Terminator captured from the International Space Station. More details in comments!
Earth looks stunning in this 1st full view from the NOAA-21 satelliteCredit: Z1337M
Perseverance Rover is carrying this load for almost a year nowCredit: enknowledgepedia
Black hole with an accretion diskCredit: IkaAbuladze
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