In this contest, we are going to turn real people into cartoons!

Take any photo of a person, and turn him into a cartoon character. The character can resemble an existing cartoon, or you can invent an entirely new cartoon character. A cartoon character could be from Disney, Pixar, any cartoon TV show, anime, comic books, or even a caricature ...

If you need a source for your character, have a look at the recent 'member portraits' photo contest: here. Just make sure to ask for permission first. You can do so by commenting on the person's entry. If you get the green light, let your imagination run wild!

It is also allowed to use a photo of yourself, a family member or any celebrity. Using tools that automate the process of cartoonifying are not allowed. It is required in this contest to explain how you created your cartoon, what application you used and what sources you used (In the description of your entry). Otherwise, the entry may get disqualified.

Based on suggestion by Skyangel

PS: If you want to see what the inverse of this contest would mean, have a look at these mildly disturbing creations from Marvelous Mikee on Instagram: @marvelous_mikee or on his Artstation page.

Some resources to get you started:

Skyangel avatarLevel 15Heart awardSilver awardGold awardGold award
1 out of 27

Mr Bean Caricature. created by Skyangel

Source images are Done in photoshop. Basically followed Cartoon character effect tutorial with a few added personal tweaks.

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Rubber-Ray avatarLevel 11Gold awardDiamond awardSilver award
2 out of 27

Squidward created by Rubber-Ray

SOURCES: A very minor time-laspe of how it was made is here. Reference image and drawing here

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Cosmix avatarLevel 9Together awardBronze awardBronze awardBronze award
Skyangel avatarLevel 15Hug award
4 out of 27

Elsa created by Skyangel

Do you want to build a snowman? The model is thanks to Maria Amanda. The background is from The veil is from The snowflake is made from scratch because I did not want to use the one in the source. A tutorial on how to make snowflakes is... The cartoon is created using a mixture of the Cartoon Character Effect and How to turn photos into drawings using Photoshop as in the resource links in the contest criteria. Some hand painting was also used for the fly away hair and some touch up work.

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15Happy awardHug award
5 out of 27

Obama Charicature created by Skyangel

Done in photoshop basically following the tutorial on Source files...

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scratzilla1 avatarLevel 9Hug awardHappy award
6 out of 27

Bearded Musician created by scratzilla1

photos used with permission . Bearded Musician- thank you Scratzilla. Steampunk bits and machinery : used with permission . Thank you Scratzilla Thank you Creator . Moe/Hair extensions : Guitar : thank you Isaac Weatherly How this was made : Halved face , joined. warped hat, lots of liquify for eyes. (inspiration . Added Moe, extended beard using liquify / clone /warp tools . Watched all the suggested videos on how to cartoon and drew inspiration . Filter Gallery used : Poster edges , various paint applications . photocopy sketch .. then as suggested in one of the videos added : Unsharpen Mask, Oil paint , then high pass. ( i did two various applications in this area) I layered the two images and masked the top one. Using White paint i revealed parts of the bottom image. The face/ parts of the hat and background. Allowing to keep the more crisp look of the guitar and more hair detail in moe and beard while providing a more softer look to the face . Colouring .. turned image BnW. added a photo filter of sepia . various items had Brightness and contrast clipped to them to make them fit the image better . The eyes also had a clip of brightness and contrast added at the end to bring back a little more life after having all the painting added. The eyes were : liquified to the limits and beyond . Then given a treatment of dodge and burn . Had an addition of dark purple oval added to the middle to define the centre of the eye more . the dots/highlights were painted in an off white with the layer setting set to "Linear Dodge Add".

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Koyote11 avatarLevel 7
7 out of 27

Ted Cruz created by Koyote11

Used Photoshop Liqu idifier, Raw, Oil Paint and Dreamscope.

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
Zizounai avatarLevel 16
9 out of 27

Yuko Manaka created by Zizounai

Source image of poor quality, I had to cover its few pixels with many layers for a new skin. Photoshop filters, Topaz for the hair, eye enlarged... Nikoniko, this is a manga!

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Olga.L avatarLevel 17Happy awardHug award
lolu69 avatarLevel 11Hug award
11 out of 27

Big yellow cap created by lolu69

autoportrait !

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Bern67 avatarLevel 6
12 out of 27

Soul Queen. created by Bern67

As she plays her song her soul fills the room.

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Olga.L avatarLevel 17
13 out of 27

Musthafad created by Olga.L

My own photo. Tutorial:

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PercyBramwell avatarLevel 4
14 out of 27

Got swagger created by PercyBramwell

Cartooned version of a photo from signatureedits

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Olga.L avatarLevel 17
15 out of 27

Cartoon Myself created by Olga.L

I used the Cartoonize yourself tutorial but got stuck at the 6-minute mark. Then I used the distort filter to distort myself.

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
16 out of 27

Christina Ricci manga created by Zizounai Made with Photoshop. Eyes widened, nose and mouth shrunk. Many layers of paint brush to soften and redo the skin, the eyelashes. Sharpen tool on the hair. Lightning bolt shapes come from Custom shape tool

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George55 avatarLevel 10
17 out of 27

MYSELF created by George55

My picture..... poster edges.... blur.... posterize.... levels....

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filantrop avatarLevel 8
18 out of 27

Lufi created by filantrop

Don't ask, how I did it. On the back of an effect, an effect.

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Diamite avatarLevel 9
19 out of 27

The look created by Diamite

This is my daughter

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claudiolky avatarLevel 7
20 out of 27

SMILE created by claudiolky

I took the picture and at photoshop a lot of filters.........

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filantrop avatarLevel 8
21 out of 27

Anger. created by filantrop

Description in pictures.

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
22 out of 27

Animal crossing created by Zizounai

Externals: The girl and TV photos are my photos. Used Photoshop, cut and paste, mainly camera raw filter various settings (detail, noise reduction, vibrance…) Added the glasses and the bird, some shadows. Cut off the girl’s head. Then of course pasted it back and made it larger. Put the glasses on. Moved the direction of the eyes so she watches the bird.

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claudiolky avatarLevel 7
23 out of 27

somnolence created by claudiolky

I took the photo and made a cartooon

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
24 out of 27

E.T. lady created by Zizounai

Sources and explanations:

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grasshopper1 avatarLevel 11
25 out of 27

Dr. House created by grasshopper1

Picture from web. Worked it in poster edge. Worked it in liquify. Minor smudge and lighting.

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Olga.L avatarLevel 17
Olga.L avatarLevel 17
27 out of 27

Dreams of a Little Girl created by Olga.L

I used the COMIC BOOK EFFECT tutorial in Photoshop to come up with this image.

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