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PhotoshopPosted by Staaan

Just like in the previous photoshop contest, you are given a source photo to work with.

Your goal is to manipulate the photo in any way you want and turn it into a work of art. You can use Photoshop or any other digital image manipulation software.

This source photo is one of a plane engine. It was suggested by 'rturnbow' on Pxleyes almost 5 years ago:

source photo
— source photo —

You can find a high resolution version of the photo HERE

Be creative, and let's do some old school photo manipulations!

PS: It's very important to vote on every entry, the more votes we get, the more accurate the rankings will be. Also, when you see something on someone's entry that can be improved, let them know. That way, we can learn new skills from each other!

Good luck

Chalty669 avatarLevel 9Heart awardGold awardGold awardHeart awardSilver awardGold award
Rubber-Ray avatarLevel 11Silver awardGold awardSilver award
2 out of 15

Robot Jamz created by Rubber-Ray

Robot made from only the source image. External images are here

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lolu69 avatarLevel 11Bronze awardBronze award
Skyangel avatarLevel 15Gold awardDiamond award
4 out of 15

ET Android created by Skyangel

Phone Home? Source files... Mostly warping of original source file. I think you can tell what is what. The rest was done with brushes and various layer styles.

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George55 avatarLevel 10
5 out of 15

FOR SALE, 50% OFF TODAY ! created by George55

Everything was done with given image. used Liquify... Transform ...Rotation tool to make the plates and the bowl... circular selection over plate... spherize and adjusted to form it... cut it the top and used an oval selection filled with a gradient.... lights and shadows.... Dodge and burn tools.... that is it.... and a little imagination...

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Koyote11 avatarLevel 7
6 out of 15

The Priest created by Koyote11

Added Hands, eyes, hat and boots. Topaz, Lighthouse and oil paint filters.

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
George55 avatarLevel 10
8 out of 15

POSSIBILITY created by George55

Only source given.... used in this entry... there is a possibility to the impossible... Good luck participants...

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Daniela avatarLevel 7
Zizounai avatarLevel 16
10 out of 15

The sentinel created by Zizounai


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supernova avatarLevel 5
11 out of 15

The Golden Ratio created by supernova

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Poss avatarLevel 6
12 out of 15

Defeated created by Poss

Source image, warping, grit brush, and paint.

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15

I love your defeated warrior and the alien buildings in the sand. It tells a great story. Suggestions for improvement are maybe add some more loose sand around the base of the buildings. It just looks to "clean" where the buildings meet the sand. There should be some sand on the buildings themselves as well due to wind etc. If your grit brushes are too "gritty" there are plenty of fine sand brushes for free at Brusheezy. Search for sand and dust brushes.

Chalty669 avatarLevel 9

I like that you used the original sky background and made the engines pointy. The back engine still has the original shape behind the point which I think might distract from your final image. The body language of your creature is spot on. I think some slight shading between the structure and the sand might help as well.

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Poss avatarLevel 6
Poss replied to Chalty669 :

You're right! I rushed my entry. Can we edit after submitting?

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Chalty669 avatarLevel 9
Chalty669 replied to Poss :

Not yet, I believe this is a feature that will be added in the future.

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Poss avatarLevel 6
Poss replied to Chalty669 :

OK and thanks!

Rubber-Ray avatarLevel 11
Rubber-Ray replied to Poss :

I'm late to this conversation, but yes they did add an "Edit Entry" option. It should be where this red box is.

George55 avatarLevel 10

It is a good idea... as Chalty says, probably extending the end of the engine that is on the right side of the other at the end... or taking it out... it does match the other two.. maybe extending the shadows over the sand to the right side a little further... as you did on the back of the warrior... remember the light is coming from the left..... good luck... good entry...

Olga.L avatarLevel 17

Nice work and I do agree with the helpful comments given by the members. The composition is spot on and pulls us into your post.

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Poss avatarLevel 6
Poss replied to Olga.L :

Thank you and all of you for your comments. I also agree especially with the shadows from Chalty. I’m usually all about shadows. This is my first contest since pxleyes years ago and I’m a little rusty. Thanks again!

George55 avatarLevel 10
13 out of 15

OUT FOR A RIDE created by George55

The space ship and space station were made with the source provided.... The planet... probably you know already... just a Circular selection filled with a gradient and difference clouds added... spherize.. .and an outer glow... colorized.... Here are the links of my sources.. Sources from

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Diamite avatarLevel 9
14 out of 15

3d created by Diamite

I thinking old skool video games, pop art.

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photobugs avatarLevel 5
15 out of 15

Unspecified specimen created by photobugs

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