Today, we are going to do something different. Rather than giving you a theme to work with, you are given a source photo.

This source photo is one of a birdhouse, with a bird on top. It was suggested by Kyricom on Pxleyes 4 years ago:

Your goal is to manipulate the photo in any way you want and turn it into a work of art. You can use Photoshop or any other digital image manipulation software.

You can find a high resolution version HERE

Be creative, and let's do some old school photo manipulations!

PS: It's very important to vote on every entry, the more votes we get, the more accurate the rankings will be. Also, when you see something on someone's entry that can be improved, let them know. That way, we can learn new skills from each other!

Good luck

Rubber-Ray avatarLevel 11Silver awardSilver awardPlatinum awardGold award
1 out of 19

The Barn created by Rubber-Ray

Can you find the bird that was on top of the birdhouse? . Source images are here

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15Gold awardSilver award
2 out of 19

Birdhaven Retreat. created by Skyangel

A small village where birds can retreat for rest, relaxation and fresh food from the garden.

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15Silver awardBronze award
3 out of 19

The Magic Birdhouse. created by Skyangel

Source images = Pencil sketching is hand done, not done with a filter. Any brushes which are not already included in photoshop were downloaded from Brusheezy.

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15Gold awardGold awardGold award
4 out of 19

Confusing Directions created by Skyangel

Which way is up? It's a strange planet we live on.

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George55 avatarLevel 10
5 out of 19


As I did before, following advice from Lolu69... made a few adjustments to my first entry... as it is not a way to replace it... and take the other away... .I decided to enter same work... with few changes....

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
George55 avatarLevel 10
7 out of 19


As suggested by Sky Angel... a few corrections... and as the site do not have a replacement way right now... i decided to enter my work again.... sorry...

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George55 avatarLevel 10
8 out of 19

A SILENT AND SAFE PLACE.... created by George55

I was absent from Photoshop for a long time. But a good friend of mine, recommended this site for me to try my works again... and here I am .... happy to see old friends....All my sources

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16Silver award
9 out of 19

My cat's nightmare created by Zizounai

The other day, my cat told me about a dream he had... near the sea, there were wooden birds, which were huge and frightened him. I had to take him outside to show him that our garden birds were still made of flesh and bones. He then decided to take another nap. Sources:

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Koyote11 avatarLevel 7Silver award
10 out of 19

Duplex created by Koyote11

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George55 avatarLevel 10
filantrop avatarLevel 8Bronze award
12 out of 19

Snow pine. created by filantrop

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Chalty669 avatarLevel 9
13 out of 19

Happy Easter created by Chalty669

Only source used was the one provided. Everything was created with some part of the source picture. I tried to draw a diagram, but there’s so many items it might be hard to follow.

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lolu69 avatarLevel 11
Olga.L avatarLevel 17
Diamite avatarLevel 9
16 out of 19

Entry without name created by Diamite

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Skyangel avatarLevel 15

It reminds me of pop art pictures when I see the same picture in 4 different colors. Its a good concept. I think you could improve it and make it look more like pop art by adding some contrasting color and textures to each picture. The following video is helpful if you want to learn how to achieve the pop art effect.

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
Zizounai replied to Skyangel :

Good idea Skyangel, and a title would give a soul to this chop 😏

Diamite avatarLevel 9
Diamite replied to Skyangel :

I'll give it ago

Olga.L avatarLevel 17
17 out of 19

In the spirit of the Haida created by Olga.L

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Olga.L avatarLevel 17
18 out of 19

Chirp created by Olga.L

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Diamite avatarLevel 9
19 out of 19

Origami Birds created by Diamite

I decide to enter my 2nd draft so to speak.

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