😱😱! Time flies! It has been almost 2 years already since we've had our previous member portrait contest! Again, we present the opportunity to show yourself to your fellow friends over here.

You can go for the traditional portrait and include only your face (either from the side or front), with little distractions. Or, you can include more than just your face and make something abstract, glamorous or even surreal.

You can either take a selfie with your phone or let someone else take a photo of you, the photographer! No other people can be in the photo, so no group portraits. Facial attributes are allowed.

Just like in the previous contest, you're allowed to make compositions and add minimal editing to your photo. Have a look at the winner of our previous member portrait contest. It was one by Olga.l with the following entry:

Let's get to know each other. Show us who's the face behind all those glorious photos! Because, let's face it, we are all curious to know!

If this is your first time taking portraits, have a look at the following tips and tutorials:

Some basic rules

  • Upload only photos that are taken by you. Uploading photos you didn't take will result in an instant ban.
  • You can make photos on any device you want.
  • Make sure your photo does not have any watermarks.
  • Upload high resolution photos. Keep them under 32MB.
  • Keep comments respectful and on-topic.

Best of luck!

PS: Try to vote on all entries in the contest. The more votes we get, the more accurate the rankings will be. When you see something that can be improved, let them know in a comment. Use this opportunity to learn new skills from each other!
PS 2: Ideas for future contests can be submitted here. The best ideas will be picked and turned into a contest. Make sure to clearly define the rules and objectives of the contest.
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If you have any questions/suggestions/comments about this contest, reply to this comment!

Good luck! 👇

2 reactions
Olga.L avatarLevel 17Gold awardHug awardDiamond awardGold award
1 out of 17

Meditation in Thailand created by Olga.L

10 reactions
Zizounai avatarLevel 16

Where are all your twin sisters? Are they hidden somewhere in the bushes? you are beautiful as a queen, serious as an empress, but kind as a photographer.

1 reaction
Olga.L avatarLevel 17
Olga.L replied to Zizounai :

Wow what a lovely statement, did you make that up? thank you....

1 reaction
Zizounai avatarLevel 16Hug award
Zizounai replied to Olga.L :

Yes your gracious Majesty, I did.

Vibeke avatarLevel 12

Congratulations on 1st place. I love this photo.

Vibeke avatarLevel 12

I really love this one, such a lovely serene portrait.

Skyangel avatarLevel 15

You look so relaxed in that comfortable looking chair in such a beautiful shady corner of the world.

photonut avatarLevel 12

Very peacefull photo this

MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12

WoW! Olga,
You own the joint!
Congrats on the trifecta +

Skyangel avatarLevel 15

Congratulations on 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Well Done!

Velya avatarLevel 9

Congratulations, all your participation photos were very nice...

Olga.L avatarLevel 17Silver awardHug award
2 out of 17

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me and Me created by Olga.L

12 reactions
Olga.L avatarLevel 17Bronze award
3 out of 17

Life during quarantine created by Olga.L

11 reactions
Zizounai avatarLevel 16Heart awardGold award
4 out of 17

My Ximul camera and me created by Zizounai

3 reactions
Olga.L avatarLevel 17
5 out of 17

Early days of COVID created by Olga.L

4 reactions
Skyangel avatarLevel 15Gold award
6 out of 17

Wild One created by Skyangel

White face paint and crazy hair day. Just having fun.

12 reactions
kyricom avatarLevel 13
7 out of 17

1986 versus lately created by kyricom

The photo on the left is me in 1986, while the one on the right was from about a year ago. I didn't shave for a few days to try and match it, but it's all white now anyway and you can't see it very well. :-)

3 reactions
Skyangel avatarLevel 15
8 out of 17

Medieval Times created by Skyangel

My granddaughter had a medieval dress up party for her birthday in December 2022.

2 reactions
Vibeke avatarLevel 12Heart award
9 out of 17

Getting older created by Vibeke

A stunning day at sea this week. I read the instructions carefully and found I had to chop my granddaughter our of the photos, a shame as it would have made for a much nicer photos.

3 reactions
photonut avatarLevel 12
10 out of 17

Enjoying my souvlaki created by photonut

2 reactions
Vibeke avatarLevel 12
11 out of 17

Tired created by Vibeke

After going uphill for an hour in the bush today, I decided I wasn't fit enough and headed back down.

1 reaction
Olga.L avatarLevel 17Happy award
12 out of 17

Ode to Olga created by Olga.L

7 reactions
photonut avatarLevel 12
13 out of 17

Enjoying my Mythos created by photonut

3 reactions
kyricom avatarLevel 13
14 out of 17

Moods created by kyricom

4 reactions
MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12
15 out of 17

Post Vax created by MyMindsEye

I:m Ok!!!!!

1 reaction
MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12
16 out of 17

Homage to LeRoy created by MyMindsEye

8 reactions
kyricom avatarLevel 13
17 out of 17

Evolution created by kyricom

The me on the left was from when I was about 27 years old. The me on the right is from I was about 63.

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