Launching fireworks wasn't straightforward this year. In some countries, it was even illegal. Regardless, fireworks lit up the skies all over the world at the start of 2022, and millions of photos were taken!

Whether you stuck to the rules or not, in this contest you can submit your best fireworks photos. If you didn't make any photos this year, or your magnum opus originated in a different year, you can submit those as well!

Fireworks photography is all about experimenting and tweaking settings such as exposure, ISO and aperture. It's difficult to get it just right, but it comes with practice. Reading tutorials and articles can also help. Here's an interesting article from NIKON on how to photograph fireworks with some of their camera models. Also, make sure to read these tips from Digital Photography School.

To get some inspiration, have a look at this contest on Pxleyes from 11 years ago. It was won by a user named 'qlmos7' with this entry:

Good luck!

PS: Try to vote on all entries in the contest. The more votes we get, the more accurate the rankings will be. Also, when you see something on someone's entry that can be improved, let them know. That way, we can learn new skills from each other!

PS 2: Ideas for future contests can be submitted here. The best ideas will be picked and turned into a contest. Make sure to clearly define the rules and objectives of the contest.

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If you have any questions/suggestions/comments about this contest, reply to this comment!

Good luck! 👇

Vibeke avatarLevel 12Gold award
1 out of 15

July 14th created by Vibeke

denlig avatarLevel 9Silver award
2 out of 15

Bouquet final created by denlig

denlig avatarLevel 9Bronze award
3 out of 15

Multicolored created by denlig

Skyangel avatarLevel 15
4 out of 15

Magical Tree Reflections created by Skyangel

Skyangel avatarLevel 15
5 out of 15

Bouquet created by Skyangel

Reflected in water at the beach at low tide

denlig avatarLevel 9
6 out of 15

You see red created by denlig

Vibeke avatarLevel 12
7 out of 15

Celebrating created by Vibeke

denlig avatarLevel 9
8 out of 15

Golden feathers created by denlig

Aperture : f/10 Exposure : 3.6 s

Vibeke avatarLevel 12
9 out of 15

Blessing of the fleet. created by Vibeke

michaelstevenplatt avatarLevel 7
10 out of 15

Nameless picture created by michaelstevenplatt

denlig avatarLevel 9
11 out of 15

Party streamers created by denlig

Teecee avatarLevel 12
12 out of 15

Fireworks put on by our Town created by Teecee

Teecee avatarLevel 12
13 out of 15

Fireworks put on by our Town created by Teecee

MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12
14 out of 15

Through the Oaks created by MyMindsEye

Teecee avatarLevel 12
15 out of 15

Firworks put on by our Town created by Teecee

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