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Howdy everyone and welcome to another enchanting photography showcase! This time we will focus on the grace and beauty given by the details of the butterflies. They can be an interesting subject both for macro and distance shots, depending on their colors and poses.

Butterflies are mainly day-flying insects that go through four stages of life: egg, larva, pupa and adult. They usually have colorful wings, coming into a large variety of sizes and shapes. Fascinating for the regular eye and even more fascinating if a good photographer puts it into the right perspective. We have 50 such fortunate cases, so enjoy the...flying! :)

The Emergence

The Emergence Author: jimmy hoffman

The Baker's Butterfly

The Bakers Butterfly Author: kolomija


Straw Author: Uri Kolker

Frozen Colors

Frozen Colors Author: roarmagne

88 Butterfly

88 Butterfly Author: Boris Godfroid

How R U !

How R U ! Author: bug eye




Butterflection Author: teguh santosa


Mist Author: Murat Çaliskan


Butterfly Author: Vincentius Ferdinand

Super Butterfly

Super Butterfly Author: Nonggib Pandakon

Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly Author: mauro maione

Butterfly in the Garden

Butterfly in the Garden Author: Cristobal Garciaferro


Butterfly Author: Agnisoonu K


Glasswing Author: Geoffrey Baker


Wett Author: Ondrej Pakan

Butterfly Mug Shot

Butterfly Mug Shot Author: macrojunkie

I Dreamed about a Butterfly

I Dreamed about a Butterfly Author: Judy Ariel Thomas

My Love

My Love Author: yilmaz uslu

Pararge Aegeria

Pararge Aegeria Author: Mark Johnson

The Butterfly Garden 1

The Butterfly Garden 1 Author: Carla Brito Ribeiro


Butterfly Author: Valeriy Chernyak

Attacus Atlas

Attacus Atlas Author: Harry Eggens

The Butterfly Garden 2

The Butterfly Garden 2 Author: Carla Brito Ribeiro

Long-tailed Skipper Butterfly

Long-tailed Skipper Butterfly Author: Soli Rocha

A Strike

A Strike Author: Fahmi Bhs

Rosy Butterfly

Rosy Butterfly Author: secondclaw

Butterfly Blues

Butterfly Blues Author: anna-earwen


Butterfly Author: HibertFreeman

Butterfly - Aurorafalter

Butterfly - Aurorafalter Author: pingallery

The Butterfly Garden 3

The Butterfly Garden 3 Author: Carla Brito Ribeiro

Moustache Butterfly

Moustache Butterfly Author: Thierry Marysael

Butterfly On A Dandelion

Butterfly On A Dandelion Author: Anura Fernando

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly Author: Pedro Henrique Evangelista


Kudlaty Author: ireneusz irass waledzik

Butterfly Macro

Butterfly Macro Author: macrojunkie


Moth Author: Panumas Pattanakajorn

Half a Skipper

Half a Skipper Author: Mark Johnson

Fluttering Azure

Fluttering Azure Author: Linda Tiepelman

Butterfly - Motyl 3

Butterfly - Motyl 3 Author: mateuszskibicki1

Butterfly Conversation

Butterfly Conversation Author: IndianRain

Wet Butterfly

Wet Butterfly Author: John Cogan

Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly Author: Holly-pop

Wild Butterfly

Wild Butterfly Author: macrojunkie

Butterfly 02

Butterfly 02 Author: s-kmp


Butterfly Author: Agnisoonu K

Danaus Plexippus

Danaus Plexippus Author: Veli-Matti Toratti

Spots n' Dots

Spots n Dots Author: Nadia Prokofieva

Butterfly Up Close

Butterfly Up Close Author: macrojunkie

Royal Greatness

Royal Greatness Author: Tatyana Zarubo
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Anonymous Beginner — Level 5 says:

It was not the kind of butterfly I am looking for.

2 months ago
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Michael Beginner — Level 4 says:

These are great, I was wondering if you had a set of Spider pictures.

2 months ago
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