The Scrappy Jacket

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Nan, can we sew something new? That's what I'd really like to do. Let's have a look... Maybe, perhaps but I see nothing here 'xcept scraps. This denim bit and that one matches Would you like to sew some patches? Practice sewing nice straight lines Go nice and slow, just take your time.

The Scrappy Jacket
— The Scrappy Jacket —

Soon a patchwork will evolve and then the question we will solve regarding what to do with it? Look for a pattern that will fit. Make a bag? Maybe a shirt? A jacket or a scrappy skirt? Sew this to that and I believe that it could turn into a sleeve. Find different shades of blue and black Enough to make a front and back.

The hours passed and then the days Hard work and perseverance pays For when the end came into sight A proud girl gained the bragging rights None other in this world consists of denim scraps. Just one exists. It is unique, one of a kind The one my special girl designed.

---------- By Skyangel April 2020. ------------

The photo was created by me as well. The girl is my granddaughter and the scrap denim jacket she is wearing is the result of her sewing practice.

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