Reach for the light

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In the darkness of night 'mongst the clouds in the sky Sparkling lights twinkle catching ones eye Tiny candles Flashing lights Majestic beauty Wondrous sight A magic appeal, A delightful attraction To touch those lights, the instant reaction. We've all heard the saying To "reach for the stars" Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mars A heavenly choirs harmonious tune conducted by the light of the moon Open your heart, Hold the moon in your hand. Conduct the choir from where you stand. Silent music to touch your soul. Illuminating and making you whole. Tranquility in the glow of the night. An inner flame, it does ignite. A yearning desire to be one with the light It stirs the emotions with sheer delight Have you ever wondered why We cannot reach the lights in the sky? They have the power to inspire us to set our vision higher. What are the lessons that they teach? Are stars impossible to reach ? I meditate upon these things until the night the dawning brings Stars disappear The moon's out of sight The rays of sun bask me in light and suddenly I clearly see that I can't touch the light but the light touched me. by Angelica Glen March 2009

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