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I'm so sorry, world! If this doesn't prove that our American 'President' is a straight-up idiot, I don't know what does.

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Trump questioning whether or not there could be possible safe ways to inject light or anti-bacterial agents is not a dumb question. The dumb would begin in people hearing his question and thinking he is promoting doing so. He is not a scientist nor a doctor, hence the reason he asked if something like this was even a possibility. A safe anti-bacterial agent or light-emitting agent is not out of the realm of possibility as everything was impossible before being invented.
I am sure someone will go drink some bleach and say "Well Trump says it is okay!" just to once again bash him and don't get me wrong Trump can be a total ass at times I am just tired of the media blaming every stupid thing people do on him. Like the person who decided to start drinking fish water...bet they eat Tide pods too.

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