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explorersue commented on Coronavirus: No evidence that recovered patients are immune, says WHO

It seems that coronavirus is just like the flu on steriods. And just like the flu, it is possible to get it again. Scary stuff.

explorersue commented on Samsung redesigned its TV packaging so customers can upcycle the cardboard box into cat house.

This is brilliant! I'm buying three! Haha

explorersue commented on To Be More Resilient in a Crisis, Focus on Meaning, Not Happiness

Having meaning in our lives is the ultimate thing that drives us. Meaning leads to happiness. I couldn't agree more with this article.

explorersue commented on Landing a plane timelapse

I have mad respect for all pilots, and they get to see the most incredible things.

explorersue commented on 50 Professional Photo Realistic Animal Drawings

These are AMAZING! It's incredible what you can do with simple pencil sketches.

explorersue commented on 8 Things You Can Do About Climate Change Now

These are very easy, daily habits we can form. Love this video. Let's ALL do this.

explorersue commented on Incredible Things That Happened Because Of Disasters

A really fascinating trip through history, and the MANY lessons we can learn from it.

explorersue commented on Top 5: High Tech Home Workouts

This is really good. I've been looking for some decent workouts to do at home, with no equipment.

explorersue commented on BNBFs: Best nap buddies forever

This is cuteness overload!

explorersue commented on Absolute unit of a platform

I'm not exactly sure how they get fixed to the ocean floor, but hydraulics are involved.

explorersue commented on Codecademy giving 100,000 fired and furloughed workers access to premium online coding education resources

THIS is very cool!. THIS is how the world is supposed to work! THIS is what more companies and other institutions should be doing! For all of those individuals and corporations with stacks of money just lying around, THIS is the type of thing YOU should be doing.

explorersue commented on Drawing Tutorial: How to draw cartoons - Simple tricks!

What a great beginner tutorial for many of us who are cooped up inside and need a creative outlet! Love it!

explorersue commented on As people stay home, Earth turns wilder and cleaner

This is what I like to see! The world is truly resetting itself and nature is taking over (if only for a short while).

explorersue commented on Scientists discover a new snake and name it after Salazar Slytherin

I'm not entirely sure that pop culture is good inspiration for a scientific discovery!

explorersue commented on Coronavirus dies fastest under light, warm and humid conditions: US government study

I'm so sorry, world! If this doesn't prove that our American 'President' is a straight-up idiot, I don't know what does.

explorersue commented on Bunch of baby kangaroos, saved from wildfires

This made my day! Love love!!

explorersue commented on Perfectly aligned fries and sauce with a perfect mix of colours on a board

Oh that is a GORGEOUS photo!! Carbs, here I come.

explorersue commented on Most Purchased Items During the Coronavirus Pandemic

I will never ever understand why toilet paper has become the 'poster child' of this pandemic. Why toilet paper? There are so many other basics, like milk, eggs, etc. that we could be running out of, but thankfully have not. The oat milk statistic is interesting, though.

explorersue commented on Lebanon becomes first Arab country to legalise cannabis for medical use

Happy to see that an Arab country is finally seeing the benefits of medical cannabis.

explorersue commented on 7 charts show how the coronavirus pandemic has hit the global economy

Despite the overall collapse in the global economy, I have to wonder if this is not a good thing in the long run. The economy is resetting itself and when the dust settles, we will experience a new normal.

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