Is Your Mother Home?

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A package delivery man is nearing the end of his shift for the day when he approaches the last house on his route. With the package in hand, he strolls up to the house and rings the doorbell.
A small boy, no older than nine or ten years old answers the door. To the delivery man's surprise, the young boy is dressed in a shocking drag outfit. His hair is pulled high into a ponytail, while his lips are smeared with gratuitous layers of pink lipstick. He's put on blush, and a thick helping of blue eyeshadow. The lacey dress the boy is wearing is so long, it is crumpled down around his feet which are in high heels many sizes too large for him. On top of that, the young boy is smoking a cigarette.
The delivery man, shocked, stares blankly at the boy for a moment before asking him; "Excuse me young man. Is your mother home?"
The boy takes a long drag from his cigarette and simply replies; "What the fuck do you think?"

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