Do not think that some members of the orchestra are tired and half asleep 😩: the audience had been particularly struck by a SUDDEN hit of the timpani. This is where his nickname 'Surprise' comes from 😂😉

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The Welsh composer Donald Swann offered a different orchestration of this symphony, for the the 1956 Hoffnung Music Festival. Not usual to hear people applaud and laugh their heads off during a concert of classical music. If we can watch a nice slideshow, it is just too bad that we can't see the audience in the video 😊

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Very NICE (!) and FUNNY contribution, Ms Zizounaï!!!! - LOVE it!! 🥰
I LIKE the laughter & applause of the public : if I am well informed (and I humbly believe that I am), this is exactly what was happening at the time of the first performances of the Symphony 94. 😃
You have to know too that HAYDN really LOVED (!) making JOKES like this 😉🤣

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