Biden: Military will escort Trump out of White House if he loses election and refuses to leaveJoe Biden said he expects the military to escort President Trump out of the White House should the incumbent lose the 2020 election and refuse to leave.

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cole9999 avatarLevel 7

Knowing Trump, he might throw a hissy fit and blame it on the anarchists or something.

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IEatRawEggs avatarLevel 16

Oh he will never admit defeat. There's always someone to blame, no problem

Lady_Indigo avatarLevel 13
Lady_Indigo replied to IEatRawEggs :

I could point out many, many flaws with that man. However, I think aside from the misogyny, racism, and corruption, this external locus of control where he has to find blame in anyone else is the most infuriating part of his personality.

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