In this tutorial I will explain how to slim this woman's face down and apply some make-up. We will also improve the smoothness of her skin and work on her eyebrows.

This tutorial is made for photoshop CS4. Thanks to harrykeely for the model's stock.

Step 1

For a start we must have in mind what are the main appealing characteristics on a male or female. In this case (i'll be working on a female model) elements like the eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips are essential to work on.

As you can see the girl in this stock is a little overweight, her nose is a bit large, her eyebrows have a line format, her smile is a little too opened and she has some irregularities on her skin . So let's start by working on all these anti-appealing factors.

Step 2

We have to pick one element to work at a time, I've chosen the eyes and the eyebrows.

To better transform any of the elements stated before, i advice using the ”Liquidify” tool (filter>liquify).

After going on the liquify tool, use the "zoom tool" or click on Z, maximize the image still you can perfectly see all the details on our currently two focusing points. Around 100%-200% should work fine.

Step 3

Switch to the first tool now, "Foward Warp Tool" (W) and set your brush size to around 30-70, the brush density to 20 and the brush pressure to 30.

The eyebrow looks a little large, so I'll begin by making it thinner. To create this effect use this tool and move it to the directions stated on the picture below. The movements are up-down direction at the top and down-up at the bottom.

At the end of the eyebrow make it a little longer but thinner.

Step 4

Once the eyebrow is thinner, i'll give it a more dynamic format. Using the same tool and sizes create a little curve at the end of the eyebrow and make the whole eyebrow in a soft diagonal format, don't be dramatic.

Step 5

Alright the right eyebrow is done. The left eyebrow is cut, so all you should do using the "Foward Warp Tool" is make it a little thinner and longer at the start , to match the right one.

Compare the old eyebrows and the new ones:

Step 6

It's the eyes turn now. Go to the liquify mode again and let's start editing it. The main goal here is to make the eyes smaller vertically and larger horizontally and to turn them a little bigger overall. Maximize to 66% and once again, using the W tool and a brush size of around 50-100, use a lower one for the eye line on the top.

Note that the line around her eye (on top) has to be decreased, check the image below for more details on the moves.

Once you've done this, use the "Bloat Tool" (B) on the liquify, increase the brush size to around 250 and the and the brush rate to 30, click 2-3 times on the spots below.

Step 7

You can do this to the left eye, all you have to do is to make it a little bigger at the left side.

Now let's focus on her skin, for the black and irregular spots let's remove them with the "Clone Stamp Tool" (S). The brush size will depend on the spot we want to cover.

For the wrinkles i'll use the "Blur Tool" with a strength of 55%.

Check the image below to know the critical areas.

Step 8

Nose's turn - back to the liquify mode.

We want to make it smaller and thinner, maximize to 100% and use the W tool with a brush size around 100-150 for the bottom and 30-70 for the top.

While you modify her nose you'll notice the smile lines will look weird so let's make them smaller as well. Use the Pucker Tool (S) and use it on some parts (below) with a brush size of 180 and a brush rate of 30.

Look below for more instructions on the moves.

Step 9

Let's work on her face, make it thinner. Use the liquify and the W tool with a large brush size (300-400) and use it around her face.

Once you make her face a little thinner, her head will look too big so you need to make it a little smaller too. The same thing about her chest, cover it more with the blouse.

Step 10

Only one element left, the mouth! The mouth is not so bad so all we have to do is to make it a little smaller. Liquify > W tool, brush size of 100-150.

Step 11

You can do some personal adjust... i did some, made her head a little smaller, her shoulder more inclined.

Now let's start with the adjustments.

Making her teeth more white:

- Create a new layer and paint the teeth zone with a soft white (0% hardness) brush. Then set the layer mode to Soft Light and opacity to 45%.

Her eye balls:

- In a new layer, paint her eye balls with a light yellow (soft brush), then make it's mode to Overlay and opacity to 20%.

Eye make-up:

- In a new layer and a soft brush paint a thin like around the bottom of her eyes. Then go on Filter>Blur>Gaussian blur and add 15%. Then set the layer opacity to 65% and to the Soft Light.

- In a new layer paint her skin on the top of the eyes with a light blue, gaussian blur it (25%) and then set it to Overlay and 100% opacity.

Step 12

More adjustments... curves and a filter (check below).

Then select her face less the eyes, nose and mouth in the quick mask mode, then go to gaussian blur and add 3%.

Step 13

Select the burn tool with an exposure of 25% and shadows mode and add some to the eye balls and the lips, then select the dodge tool in the midtones mode and add some at the white part of the eyes.

This is what we got so far:

Step 14

Now right click on one of the layers and click on "merge visible" then duplicate the layer, go to gaussian blur and add 30%, then set this layer mode to soft light .

With the Eraser Tool at 75% clean the eyes and mouth part and some shadows like the face's line.

Final touches, i added more color and some more blue, color balance and vibrance (check below). Also used the sponge tool (saturate) to give more color to some areas like the lips and the eyes.

Step 15

And here's the final result:

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