In this contest, we are going to freeze stuff!

Your goal is to take any photo and freeze the main subject. Do this by either turning it into ice or by covering it with a layer of ice. It's important that you only freeze the main subject, so it can stand out from the rest of the environment. Don't create any freezing effects on the rest of the photo. You can, however, use a winter landscape as a background if the contrast with the subject is big enough. At least 50% of the subject has to be frozen.

If you don't know how to achieve this effect, have a look at this excellent tutorial from Blue Lightning TV: Create an ice sculpture of someone. In this video, he's explaining how to freeze a person. You are not limited to people though, the subject can be any object or animal. In the comments, you can find download links for the brushes that he used in the tutorial. You are allowed to use these custom brushes, but it's not required.

Frozen ice sculpture
— Frozen ice sculpture —

Some more resources to get you started:

Good luck!

PS: It's very important to vote on every entry, the more votes we get, the more accurate the rankings will be. Also, when you see something on someone's entry that can be improved, let them know. That way, we can learn new skills from each other!

PS 2: Ideas for future contests can be submitted here. The best ideas will be picked and turned into a contest. Make sure to clearly define the rules and objectives of the contest.

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If you have any questions/suggestions/comments about this contest, reply to this comment!

Good luck! 👇

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Wow! Excellent transformation!

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lolu69 replied to Daniela :

merci beaucoup Daniela !!

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Super chop Lolu. Congrats

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lolu69 replied to Cosmix :

Thanks à lot Cosmix

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3 out of 15

Frozen in Time created by LunaC

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5 out of 15

Yaaaaaaa created by PaoloCassinis


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6 out of 15

When Hell Freezes Over created by Cosmix


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7 out of 15

It Got Cold Last Night created by kuvitella

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8 out of 15

Ice and fire created by Zizounai

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12 out of 15

Ice explosion created by retired

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13 out of 15

Iceman in Big Apple created by lolu69

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