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I mean, this does not shock me in the slightest. It is no secret, even among avid trump supporters, that Trump does not always speak with all the facts.

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You always have to assume the opposite of what he says.

So this is not a good sign

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Lady_Indigo replied to IEatRawEggs :

This is probably the most accurate statement I have read all day.

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You want to hear me saying, "Trump is the shittiest person i have ever seen".

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This guy completely lost it with the current pandemic. Unfortunately, the other guy going after him is not more competent, but perhaps he will bring in some better advisors. The only competent person to run the presidency right now and save America's society would be Bernie Sanders, but unfortunately he gave up.

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Dude what's wrong with you! Did you get a medical degree and we didn't hear about it?

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Why cover up the facts???

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