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BLM is not a benevolent movement. Parts of the movement are as equally racist and criminal as any white supremacy group would be.

BLM would have sense if there would be a fight for the equality for all of the people. Not just some of the people. There are tens of millions of white people in the USA that live shitty lives too.

Proper thing would be to fight for a) equal healthcare for all and b) equal education for all. But that also requires a change of mindset of average person and requires taking a HUGE personal responsibility right now, only to benefit the next generation to come.

All social changes are like growing a tree. You can plant it, but you will wait for a long time before you will rest in its shade. That's how things work with the nature, as well as with our points of view. Anything that needs to happen overnight just leads to chaos and destruction. There are plenty of examples in history about that.

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